Sunday, August 28, 2011

Card Creating Sunday August 28, 2011

Welcome to Card Creating Sunday....
Today I am thinking about all of those who have been effected by Hurricane Irene....
I know there are many still without power today, some have lost their homes, valuable items, priceless items. I could not imagine having the special things in my life washed away by such a terrible force of nature.
Mother nature is such a crazy thing. It can provide the most beautiful rainbows at the end of a storm....
Today is not a day to count your losses, but try the harder thing to do and count your blessings. If you woke up today, it is a day to be thankful. I have a few health issues that effect me EVERYDAY. But I wake up and don't feel well. The first two things i think about are that there are others who wake up feeling worse than me everyday, and I feel so bad for them. I couldn't imagine waking up and feeling worse than I do, but I know so many do. The other thing that I think about is that I feel like this everyday in hopes that my daughter may never feel this way. I would even accept worse health if I knew it would keep her healthy everyday of her life. I would have to say the person that I think of when I look at my daughter and how healthy she is.... is my brother. He has MS and one son who has had 6+ surgeries with pins, screws, plates and everything in his hips do to a congenital birth condition, that son is 6 weeks younger than my daughter. His other son who isn't even two yet, just had a liver transplant a few months ago. The poor baby is in and out of the hospital almost every few weeks. My brother is an executive chef at a very old Country Club and is so busy and works non-stop. He loves his job but it takes it toll on him. His fiance (Melissa, who is on my DesignTeam) cannot get a job because the baby cannot be at daycare for risk of infection..... etc. So she is at home and has to not work but really carry the emotional load of her family. She also has a 8 year old daughter who has to live with her mom back and forth at the hospital for weeks or MONTHS at a time. I couldn't imagine being that little girl.  So when I wake up I think how he must feel waking up everyday with the pain of MS then to wake up and think of his kids.... I couldn't even imagine. So when I wake up and hurt, the first thing I think of is how blessed I am to wake up and have a healthy child.

     So try to find YOUR rainbow today. Maybe some of these cards that the design team has made can help you do that !

Sharon made 4 cards! Aren't they adorable?
To see how she made them please visit her blog

Tammy S used Doodlecharms to make this great back to school themed card. Her blog is 

Tracy used Boys Will Be Boys and Calligraphy cartridges to make this adorable matching set! Her blog is    

Melissa  (My sister-in-Law) used the Martha Stewart All Occasions Cake Art Cartridge to make this. Here is her blog and she usually has updates on my nephew.

Autumn used Create a Critter Cartridge to make this. She sent me a text message asking what she should put on the green parts on the top and bottom, I didn't see the message until to late, I LOVE what she decided to put there, sorry that I didn't get back to you, I love your choice though!  I also love the polka dot paper!
Here is her blog http://autumnsbuggycreations.blogspot .com

Tomorrow is My IMAGINE-ation Monday
There are many great things going on around here,
so you might see a few changes....
but only for the better :)
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