Saturday, August 13, 2011

Scrapbooking Saturday August 13, 2011

Welcome to The August 31st Edition of Scrapbooking Saturday here at
My Cricut Craft Room

On Scrapbook Saturdays, we like to show you some type of scrapbook stuff. It may be a 12x12 scrapbook page or even an 8x8 page. It may be a mini Album, board book, really anything that can sort of be considered some type of scrapbooking idea.... you will see it here on a Saturday when we don't not have a blog hop going through here.

While on that idea who is intimidated by a blog hop, or better yet who doesn't know what a Blog Hop is?
      It is VERY EASY and SIMPLE. If I am the host of the blog hop people let me know that they want to BE IN IT. Those who are in it, who book it usually several weeks in advance... I am already booking into 2012! So, the host has other bloggers who want to be in and make something for the blog hop.
    Then the day of the blog hop, people will start at the host blog, if you do not know the host blog but you know someone IN it, just go to their blog and they will have a link to the host (or the beginning of the hop.) Then you start at the first blog, look at what they made, if you like it or like how much effort they put into it you may scroll to the bottom of the post and comment (Sometimes these comments enter you to win Blog Candy (that is a giveaway) you do not have to make anything to get it, just comment) At the bottom of the first blog it will give you a NAME or a LINK to CLICK on to get to the next blog. Then when you get to the next blog, if you like it comment, then go to the bottom of that entry to see where to go next.....etc.
THAT IS IT, THAT IS A BLOG HOP. I originally thought on a blog hop that I had to make something to be in these hops. So if you get an INVITATION to go to a blog hop, all that means is come and look at what several ladies have made and are showing them on their blogs. ...... And that is a blog hop!

Lastly, have you been wondering this week, why there are so many creations daily? Well hopefully by now, you have realized that I like to be different and I respect every one's individual interests and tastes. Let face it, this is a form of art. I can think something is beautiful, but the next person may not, so I would like to think when you come here, you will find at least one person's tastes who is really 'Your Cup Of Tea' So now that the design team, old and new members have jumped in with both feet, you will come here daily and I am sure find something that you love (I sure hope so) So I would like to think that we offer something different and hopefully you will find from here another blog that you will LOVE to follow, I know I have. Do you know how hard it is to go to 30 blogs a day????? NOT easy, so when you go there if you like it, enter your email to sign up for their newsletter and you will get them to your inbox, then when you have time you can read and see what they did all week. I know I have more time on the weekend, so that is when I check my email and go through and see what they made all week long. Now it doesn't count for their 'stats' or 'popularity' on the "Top Craft websites" As much as I would love to have great 'stats' I would love more if you get it in your email and look at it on your schedule when YOU have time. I actually have more people on my email list than I have 'followers' I would rather have it that way. I love that you entered your email and wanted us to come to your inbox everyday! Thank you for that. When I saw the number of people on my email list, it made me feel like I am still doing things the right way and helping people to use their Cricuts more! Happy Saturday!

Now on to what MY lovely ladies have made to share with you today.....

Audrey, Tracy, Melissa, Shelly Lynn, and Rosa

Shelly Lynn, used B is for Boy, Doodlecharms, and San Serif font Cricut Cartridge. She was one of the reasons why I had to add a few more to my design team. Our team wouldn't be complete with out all of the ladies I have picked, and it's not very hard to see why. Make sure that you check out her blog

Rosa made this to share, I am not sure which is more beautiful, the layout or the lady in the picture :)
To see how she made this stop by her blog
 Audry (Scrappy EMT) shared this with us today and she used Printing Press (she used they gypsy to weld the letters together), Create a Critter, and then Alphalicious Cricut Cartridges. How ADORABLE! to see how she made this please visit her blog!

Melissa used Alphalicious to make this. make sure to stop by her blog 

Tracy was another one that our team just couldn't do without! She used Father's Day, George and Basic Shapes, Paper Pups, and Nifty Fifties (Pat don't worry we still love when you use Nifty Fifities :) But to see what other wonderful things TRACY does please visit her blog. What a great creative way to use these cartridges together!
I just wanted to take a quick minute to tell all of my design team how wonderful they are. They work hard and really are great! So thank you all, I couldn't do all of this without you, ALL of you!
I am off to my Lodge Picnic and then to take my Grandma to her High School Reunion! I am her lucky date!
I will show you my Penguin Scrapbook album tomorrow, Grandma is rushing me!
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