Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Would You Ever Guess Wednesday August 31, 2011

Welcome to the August 31st edition of
Would You Ever Guess Wednesday....

Have "You Ever" wondered what this day is all about?

My Design team has wondered the SAME thing!

Wednesdays around here are when we make something different and when you see it, you would say, I would never have thought of that.... Here are a few ways we like to do that....

1. We make a creation using only the feature keys, you know those little buttons on the top left of the keypad overlay, there are 6 of them up there, sometime they say PHRASE, CARD, TAG, FONT....etc So instead of using the main image, we use the features....
2. We make a paper creation using a Cricut Cake cartridge..... Yes the Cake cartridges work on ALL Cricut machines. Or we make an edible item using a Classic Cricut Cartridge.
3.  Two of us use the same cartridge, the same page and the same feature, and we cut them as the same size, BUT we have no idea what paper colors or anything that the other person is using.... see last week's post to see a sample of this. This is sort of like a challenge amongst design team members.

I hope this helps you to understand what we try to do on Would You Ever Guess Wednesday!
Now on to what My AMAZING and TALENTED Design Team has made for today.....
Sue-Ann used Forever Young.... and here is her blog to see how she made it!
Shelly Lynn made this great card, great theme for everyone going BACK TO SCHOOL!
Don't forget to stop by her blog to see how she did it!
Lucinda used Hannah Montana (bird) and Create A Critter (phrase) 
Samantha used Nate's ABC's to make this book page.


What does that mean to you?
It means that EACH week from now until Christmas I am giving away a Cricut cartridge!!
How can you be entered to win it?
Each week starts on Friday and ends on Thursday at 11:59pm EST.
Today I will announce the winner from the past week, but the comments that are received today through next Thursday night will be the entries for the cartridge for next week....
Can you win more than once?
Yes you can.... It is picked at random, so if you get picked 2 or more times 
over the next few months that is ok!
I will have different cartridges each week, so you never know which one is going to be given that week until I announce the winner  :) Make sure to enter because you might not have commented that week and it could be a cartridge that you really want.... with the name of the winner the name
of the cartridge will be given.
17 weeks left. which means 17 MORE cartridges to giveaway!
ONE comment PER POST, so If I have 2 posts on one day, comment on each of them to get an entry.
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