Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Card Creating Tuesday August 9, 2011

Welcome to the Augsut 9th Edition of Card Creating Tuesday!
This is BY FAR my design team's favorite day of the week!
They have made several great things to share with you.
Tomorrow I will be featured on My Creative Time! I am so excited to show you what I have made for that!

But first my little Cricut tip of the day.....
Have beautiful paper that you dont want to ruin making sure that you get it to cut in the right place?
I have a tip for doing what I call STAGING the mat. This is my own word so other people might call it something different...... I start by turning on my machine, selecting the size that I want to use, then pressing the buttons that I want to cut.... then the next ones using the feature keys... so i might have up to 8 shapes selected to cut, i then put cheap cardstock or plain white paper from my printer on the cutting mat (Not suggested with the super sticky older styly mats) I then load my paper, select cut. I then unload my mat after it has cut everything. I then remove only the actual shape that I want to cut out. So my white paper should be on the mat but it should look like cookie dough after you have cut all of the shapes out, this is what is left ater you put the 'cookie cut outs' on the pan. So I have white paper with 'shapes' cut out of it. I then lightly lift on shape at a time and slip the actual paper color that i want to use under the white, i now have a hole so I can line up my paper exactly where i want it. Repeat this until you have all of your colors right where you want them..... Then remove the white outline paper and then double check that your paper is secure. Then load the mat and touch ONLY "Repeat last" then cut.
You should have perfectly lined up shapes.
     If yout paper seems to slide off or move when cut, it means that the peice of paper was not stuck down well enough OR possibly you used a small peice of paper so when the blade went to cut it, it was so little and didnt have enough surface to stick to your mat. Try again with a larger peice of paper. Also make sure that you use the scrapper tool to 'scratch' the surface of the mat before appling any paper. This will help a not so sticky mat become stichy again. Don't worry Provo-Craft knows that many people do not like the new (not very sticky) mats. They have come up with a new adhesive, which will be used on the mats for the new Cricut Mini coming out in November.... we might see the new adhesive used on mats before then. I personally thing that they come up with these (not so sticky) mats because I know with the super sticky ones, i tore many a peices of paper trying to get it off of the mat, so they must have listened to people  like me who wanted a less sticky mat so that we werent ruining paper when we took it off of the mat. That is only MY opinion.
     So are wondering why we have so many creations each day???? Well this is crafting and in Arts/crafts everyone has different tastes and talent levels. I can think one thing is beautiful, but maybe not my cup of tea, but I am sure it is perfect for someone else. Well we give you many options each day, so hopefully every day of the week you will find somehting you LOVE and want to follow their blog too! So here's to you and my wonderful talented Design Team!

And on to the cards for today.....

Melissa used Damask Decor and Flower Shoppe Cricut Cartridges. Make sure you stop by her blog to see how she made this.... She is just getting into Cricut things and is my Sisiter-In-Law and is really learning fast and well!
Samantha used the Wild Card Cricut Cartridge to make this....
Make sure to stop by her blog to see everything that she makes...  http://samanthascricutcreations.blogspot.com/

Laura used the Paper Lace Cricut Cartridge, and this is her first project for the Team, please try to leave her some encouraging comments on her blog. http://laurascraftsandmore.blogspot.com/

Madison used the Sweethearts Cricut Cartridge, make sure to stop by her blog to see how crafty and talented she is http://funkycards.blogspot.com
Pat used the Wrap it Up Cricut Cartridge to make this card. Make sure to stop by her blog to see how she made this and so many other things. http://micraftygal.blogspot.com
Audrey (scrappy EMT) has made a great card to share with you today. . She used the Straight from the Nest Cartridge please stop by her blog to see hwo she made this http://www.scrappyemt.blogspot.com/

Dont forget to come back tomorrow to see what I have made for My Creative Time!!!!
I am so excited!!!! Have a great day.
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