Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Card Creating Tuesday August 16, 2011

Today is Card Creating Tuesday,
My Design Team's favorite day!!!
These ladies really really are wonderful and I hope that they know how much I appreciate each one of them. This month I added several new members to the team. I do have to say how much I love all of them. I had some ladies who have remained with me from the summer term, I am so happy that each one of them has decided that they still want to be a part of this team, I have been focusing on all of the new members but I want to make sure that my Original members know how happy I am that they are all still working with ME!!!! I know two of them are working on weddings in their family and new editions to their family (while one of them is planning a wedding) There are some who have some additional stress in their home life, dealing with health issues.... I have really come to see these ladies as a part of my family. I do now always tell them that I am thinking about them,
but I do everyday, knowing what they are going through.
My NEW team members, I had over 300 APPLICATIONS for my Design team for the term to the end of the year. It is nice because I know that they do want to be on the Design Team, by just applying they let me know that, BUT by accepting them out of the 300, I feel as though I have literally HAND PICKED each on of them out of the applicants. I have overall a very diverse team. I had to pick ladies who I thought would fit in well with the team that is already established to keep a cohesive team. I want beginners as well as experienced crafters. More than three people have created blogs as being a part of the team. So they are really getting started in this whole Blog world! I started late spring of this year. I am learning many things along the way... WE ALL ARE! Well some have been at blogging for a while and know all about it and some are great crafters. So this entire group is a VERY diverse group in every way possible. I do love the choices that I have made as far as my Team goes!

So thank you My Design Team ladies for being so wonderful!

On to our Card Creating Tuesday!!!!

Lisa made THREE cards to share today :)
I LOVE her cards but I have attach what
she said in her email to me.
"My blog is  www.allmadebylisa.blogspot.com ,
My name:  Lisa, Fun level being on your team: TOO HIGH TO MEASURE!"
It made me smile last week when I read it, so I NEEDED to share it and hopefully make you smile too. Lisa is new to the team, BUT I added her day one of the Design Team call, she has been active on my facebook and I didn't even need to see her wonderful work, I already knew she was the type of person that I wanted as a part of my team.
Please make sure you go to her blog today to see how she made this and more pictures of what she made.

Thank Ewe Card- Just Because Cards 

 Nifty Fifties, Cuttin' Up & Ala Mode Glitter Glue

 Thankful for You- George Basic Shapes, Stampin' Up Stamps

Now Lucinda made a card to share. She is a returning member of the team, and I am very lucky to have her too!! Just by this card you can see why! This is one of those Tri-fold cards, so she didn't know which picture to send, likewise I didn't know which one would show it best. So here is it. Make sure that you visit her blog to see how she made this.
Surprisingly she used the Hannah Montana Cartridge and Create a Critter.

Next is Tanya from Nonna's Crafty Corner.
She creatively used the From My Kitchen Cartridge

Madison made a great card to share.... she is the 'Baby" of the design team, by far the youngest... I hope she doesn't mind me saying she is the Baby as far as ages go, not by her creative talent.
She used Robotz and Pooh Font Cartridges

And Samantha another Cricut Lover!! And Of course a great addition to the Team
Cartridge used: Everyday pop-up cards

And Emily use the new Art Philosophy Cartridge!!!
She is also on the Design team for Pink By Design or as many of you know Sarah Pink Cricut
So Emily talent speaks for itself!

Lastly, my Sister-in-law Melissa
She is really doing great! Also LOVING her new Cricut Imagine , she used the Better Together cartridge.

If you look at Lucinda's Butterfly card, you can see that she used Hannah Montana Cartridge to make this. I think this is one of the most prejudicial cartridge. SO many people, myself included wouldn't look twice at this cartridge. I have a pre-schooler and I don't want the show.... BUT This cartridge has so many features and other things, it is a neglected cartridge. I am posting the link to it on Cricut.com for you to look at it.

Also did you know you can a complete handbook for EVERY cartridge, this is great to see all of the bonus features!!! Here is the link to see all of them.
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