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Would You Ever Guess Wednesday August 10, 2011

Welcome to the August 10th edition of
Would You Ever Guess Wednesday....

Have "You Ever" wondered what this day is all about?

My Design team has wondered the SAME thing!

Wednesdays around here are when we make something different and when you see it, you would say, I would never have thought of that.... Here are a few ways we like to do that....

1. We make a creation using only the feature keys, you know those little buttons on the top left of the keypad overlay, there are 6 of them up there, sometime they say PHRASE, CARD, TAG, FONT....etc So instead of using the main image, we use the features....
2. We make a paper creation using a Cricut Cake cartridge..... Yes the Cake cartridges work on ALL Cricut machines. Or we make an edible item using a Classic Cricut Cartridge.
3.  Two of us use the same cartridge, the same page and the same feature, and we cut them as the same size, BUT we have no idea what paper colors or anything that the other person is using.... see last week's post to see a sample of this. This is sort of like a challenge amongst design team members.

I hope this helps you to understand what we try to do on Would You Ever Guess Wednesday!

Today I actually broke the rules a bit. I was asked to be a GUEST DESIGNER over at My Creative Time and I LOVE her stamps, so I couldn't say no! I won about 4 sets of her stamps now and I am getting ready to order more. The phrases make sense and are so easy to use. You can see how I used one set to make a card for an adult and one for a child, so in a way I did fit within todays 'theme' at least if not the guidelines.... so Would You Ever Guess that these two cards were made with the same stamp set ?

Click HERE if you would like to see more of
Emma's Wonderful Stamps (Emma is My Creative Time's Owner)
Here is what I used today.

This embossed envelope worked perfect with the stamp set.... I then used the wings on the right hand side of the stamp set, i embossed them with Embossing powders then heated them once they cooled I hand cut them and glued them to my finished envelope,
for a very unique "Message"

I love the Embossing Envelope because it also cut the envelope perfect. I then used the envelope in the stamp set to add some embossing powders! I then stamped HAPPY MAIL in the envelope! In the other picture I combined the STAMP and the MISSING YOU ACROSS THE MILES sentiment. I put them on the same acrylic block and stamped them at the same time for nice even color coverage. I then added embossing powder to it and heated it to give the glitter a permanent set state.... what's even better, no glitter to come off on the hands of the one who receives this card (in this case, My Mom)

Who wouldn't think this contained Happy Mail!

WARNING.... Three year old made this one..... Mine was cut at 3 1/2", this one was at 3"
Bella had to make an Abby too! She also stamped our address stamp ALL OVER IT! To make sure you know where to send your cards to. This was made by a 3 year old artist.... I believe in Creative Expression, Daddy believes in a Neat Impression, when the two combine.... Combustible or one perfect little girl :)  We both vote on the Perfect Little Girl!

The Abby Cadabby Card is going to on of the kids at St. Jude's Hospital. I am working on Project Sunshine and Smiles where I am trying to collect 5,000 cards from crafters around the world and I am then going to deliver them in September to the kids who are staying at the hospital with hope of bringing a little Sunshine into the Hospital and to see the Smiles on the faces of the kids who will get to pick their card from the wagon.... details at the bottom of this to mail the cards to me. Every ONE card makes one hurting child have a brighter day. So even if you only make ONE, it will really make a HUGE difference to ONE child battling cancer.
I have talked so much today, I will give you the how to tomorrow.

Jen L made this card from the Cricut Cake Cartridge; Holiday Cakes. Make sure you stop by her blog to see the other cards that she has made recently 

This is Jenny R's FIRST posting as a member of my Design Team.... What a great entrance she makes :) She used the Cricut Cake Cartridge - Birthday Cakes. Make sure that you visit her blog to see the other wonderful things that she makes. I am so happy to have her join our team. She used the Gypsy and welded a border to make her card base.

Melissa used three different cartridges to make this. She got a CRICUT IMAGINE machine and has been dying to use it!!! She used cricut imagine better together, Cricut cake basics,  and Just Because Cards to make these two cards. Please visit her blog to see how she made these



Cards for Project Sunshine and Smiles at St. Jude's. The ONLY rule is please don't remind the child how sick they are, get well soon is ok to write. Also please write a small note to the child who is receiving it. Envelopes are not needed, they kids will get to pick thier own so it would be nice for them to see them (if you want to put it in an envelope that is ok too) The card can be any size, for any age, boy or girl. There are really no rules.... anything you want! It does not have to be made with the Cricut. My daughter and I have made some cards using just stickers.  If you have a child who would like to make a card.... that's great too.
Please mail these by the first week of September. Have a party or social gathering to make cards! What a great idea! I cannot wait to take these to the hospital. I am in Ohio, but I will be making the trip down to Memphis, TN to deliver them. If you have any questions please email me with the subject SUNSHINE AND SMILES. Thank you in advance for helping these children who are in such need of a happy card.

Please mail them to:
Erica's Craft Room
4364 Laburnum Drive
Akron, Ohio 44319

Also here are a few more My Creative Time stamps that I own.... I think you might like them too

And the ones on my next shopping order....


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