Friday, August 26, 2011

Festive Friday August 26, 2011

Today is Festive Friday! Today begins my

What does that mean to you?
It means that EACH week from now until Christmas I am giving away a Cricut cartridge!!
How can you be entered to win it?
Well all you have to do is comment on my blog... the winner each week will be picked at random from all of the comments from the past 7 days.... ONE comment each day will count as an entry, to maximize your chances to win, you can have 7 entries by commenting EACH day of the week.
Each week starts on Friday and ends on Thursday at 11:59pm EST.
Today I will announce the winner from the past week, but the comments that are received today through next Thursday night will be the entries for the cartridge for next week....
Can you win more than once?
Yes you can.... It is picked at random, so if you get picked 2 or more times over the next few months that is ok!
I will have different cartridges each week, so you never know which one is going to be given that week until I announce the winner  :) Make sure to enter because you might not have commented that week and it could be a cartridge that you really want.... with the name of the winner the name of the cartridge will be given.
17 weeks left. which means 17 MORE cartridges to giveaway!

Today's COUNTDOWN TO CHRISTMAS winner of the Martha Stewart Seasonal Cake Art Cartridge (do remember the Cake cartridges work in ALL cricut machines, use them with paper and make great original creations) This was picked from ALL of the comments from Last Friday to last night! is.....  
Josie0602 said...
I love the cards and really love how you made the butterfly change into a work of art! I love to pop up my layers too and it adds so much to a card. Looking forward to the Ustream!

Last weekend's Card and Invitation Blog Hop winner of the Chic and Scary, Simply Scarecrow cartridges AND the Plushie is........
Sam Pirkle said...

What a cute card. I love monkeys !!!

Here are some of the past few week's winners in case you missed them announced on facebook.
The K. Andrew Splashtastic Stamp set, won by
Audrey (ScrappieEMT)

August 14th Cricut Everyday Cartridge for the Project Sunshine and Smiles entry on facebook-
That was Linda Harris....

August 21th Cricut Everyday Cartridge for the Project Sunshine and Smiles entry on facebook-
That was Yvette Lopez

August 28th Cricut Circle FRENCH MANOR cartridge for the project Sunshine and Smiles entries on Facebook.... Could be you... see below for how to participate in Project Sunshine and Smiles....

September 4th- Cricut Everyday Circle Cartridge winner to be determined, see below how to enter & win.

Later in September is when I will be delivering (hopefully 5,000 cards) to St. Jude's Children's Hospital in Mephis, Tn!

Here is what my Design team made to share with all of you today...

Jen Roseman(Scrapper Jen) and stop by her blog to see how she made this

Yvette used Hello Kitty Greetings, Accent Essentials and Imagine Mr. Frosty for this
Karey used - Simply Charmed, Paper Doll Dress Up, Holiday Cakes, Bump In The Night
Melissa used doodlecharm and celebrate with flourish

Lucinda used Paper Doll Dress Up, Old West, and George and Basic Shapes for her elf sign.
Tomorrow is Scrapbook Saturday and a Special Birthday Blog hop.... I am doing a giveaway for that too :) So bonus chances to win this weekend!
Next weekend is our BIG 100 cartridge blog hop where we show you over 100 DIFFERENT Cricut Cartridges, No there are not 100 blogs in it, sometimes we make one card with 5 different cartridges....
But if you are a Cricut Fan this is not one to miss!
All you have to do for a blog hop is come by and look at what i made, then click to the next blog to see what they made,t hen they will give you the link to click on to go to the next blog.... and so on.... you don't have to make anything, just stop by and look :)
ALSO Don't forget these are the last 2 weeks to make cards for the kids at St. Jude's Children's Hospital, hopefully the following will help answer some questions....
To be entered to win the cartridges, please make a card and post it to my facebook page (Cricut Craft Room) Everyday card is ONE entry for that week's cartridge... if you make 4 copies of one style of a card and 5 copies of another,
that is 9 entries for that week's cartridge...

Cards for Project Sunshine and Smiles at St. Jude's. The ONLY rule is please don't remind the child how sick they are, get well soon is ok to write. Please write a message to a child.... I can't hand write 5,000 cards, so if you could help me....write a small note to the child who is receiving it. Envelopes are not needed, they kids will get to pick their own so it would be nice for them to see them (if you want to put it in an envelope that is ok too) The card can be any size, for any age, boy or girl. They can be for infants, toddlers, school age children, teenagers! They all deserve a BIG smile, at least we can bring it to them for one day! If you would like to make a card for a birthday (obviously I will not know who's birthday it is, but I can leave them with the nurses or Volunteers to extend our little project and smiles into the rest of the year. As far as how to make these cards.... There are really no rules.... anything you want!
It does NOT have to be made
with the Cricut.
My daughter and I have made some cards using just stickers.  If you have a child who would like to make a card.... that's great too.
Please mail these by the first week of September. Have a party or social gathering to make cards! What a great idea! I cannot wait to take these to the hospital. I am in Ohio, but I will be making the trip down to Memphis, TN to deliver them. If you have any questions please email me with the subject SUNSHINE AND SMILES. Thank you in advance for helping these children who are in such need of a happy card.

Please mail them to:
Erica's Craft Room
4364 Laburnum Drive
Akron, Ohio 44319 and put Sunshine and Smiles as the subject of the email.
     Here are a few more details about the project. You can make any type of card, using and crafting technique that you know, please write a simple message in the card to a child. Please do not remind the child of their illness, most are fighting childhood cancer. You may say get well soon, but DONT say, "I know how you feel and it is not fun...." please DONT say anything like that. But you can say "Get Well Soon" "I hope this puts a smile on your face".... you get the idea.... you don't need to ask if something is ok to write in it, as long as you do not remind the child of their illness, it is ok.
Frequently asked questions....

Can a child make a card for them?
Does it have to be a certain size?
Any size!
Do I have to add envelope?
Nope, I am going to have these in a large (Clean) red wagon for the kids to pick their own card
Can I put them in envelopes?
Do I have to use the Cricut to make these??
No, this is the ONLY project that you do not HAVE to use the cricut, but wouldn't it be great if you did :)
Can I make a birthday card?
Sure but I will leave those with the volunteers for the future to give to kids who are there for their birthday
Do I need to have a kids cartridge to do this?
No, you can use anything and make anything, even a card full of flowers. I am sure there will be one child who will love flowers, or bear, cars.... the sky is the limit!

      I do hope i have answered all of your questions if not, please email me and I will send it back to you and add it to the post here so others will see the question and answer.

In the meantime I am doing a contest for this....
Each week post your cards on my facebook Cricut Craft Room
Each week i will put all of the name in a bowl and pick a winner. Every card that you submit get you ONE entry into the bowl...
Each week out of those who posted cards, I will pick one and give away the Cricut Circle Exclusive cartridge Cricut Everyday, the only with all of the cute Cricut Images on it! I love this one!
I have 4 of these cartridges to give away, one each week.
At the end of the 4 weeks, who ever submitted the MOST carts will win the NEW Cricut cartridge Simply Scarecrow. If you have already mailed cards to me, they will be added to the total of cards you are submitting. I do not have to have these cards in my hand this week. BUT you have to post the picture on my facebook for it to count. If you have a card decorating party with your friends or social group.... You can count all of those cards from you , as long as your friends will let you :)

BLOG HOPS you may sign up for
Blog Hop calendar for 2011 ANYONE can sign up for ANY bog hop.
(Except for December 10-11, the Design team and I are making great things to share with you)
All other blog hops are open to ANYONE!

For ALL of the blog hops these should be BRAND NEW projects, not posted anywhere else or entered into a contest before. This must be new and created specifically for this event. Please do not let anyone see this before the event, it ruins the fun of the blog hop! I will also have a graphic for each blog hop for you to post :)
The first weekend of every month is the
100+ Cricut Cartridge blog hop.   

 So there is NO limit to how many people can participate in this one. As soon as I have people sign up for 100 cartridges the event is then closed to new people, but I can always put you on the top of the list for the following month 100 cartridge blog hop. These 100 cartridges must be 100 DIFFERENT cartridges. So no one can sign up for one that has already been signed up for (but if you want to use more than you signed up for, that is ok)

So if you would like to sign up for a blog hop, please email me if you would like to participate in one. VERY important, in the SUBJECT of the email please put the DATE of the hop you want.
Please send ONE email PER blog hop.
I might not see it if you comment on here to sign up, PLEASE email request. I have a system to sort these, so having the right subject for ANY email is always so important.
Also please include your:
Blog address
Theme of the Blog Hop you want to do.
Date of the hop

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send ONE email per blog hop date. I sort them into email folders and if I file you in one date, i will miss you on all of the others. Thank you for doing this!

September 3-4 100 Cartridge Blog Hop (FULL ALREADY)
September 17-18 Boys and Men Blog Hop
October 1-2 100 Cartridge Blog Hop
October 15-16 Fall Favorites Blog hop
November 5-6 100  Cartridge Blog Hop
November 19-20 Recipe/baking blog hop
December 3-4 100  Cartridge Blog Hop
December 10-11 Princess Bella’s Birthday Blog Hop DESIGN TEAM ONLY
December 31-Jan 1 100 Cartridge Blog Hop
January 14-15 Winter/Snow Blog Hop
Also if you have recently been granted access by Provo-Craft to get into the Cricut CraftRoom, I have put together a little help guide, I will be emailing this out, if you would like it please email
and put the subject as
 CCR Guide
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