Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ready for tonight's winner?

Ok tonight's winner will be picked from my blog followers... You can win a Cuttlebug Embossing folder, if you do not have a Cuttlebug, I have a few other items to pick from.

This morning I decided to have a quick question I had 3 winners, I posted it on here and facebook. On here  two of followers answered at the same time  I thought it was only fair to give them both a prize, I only think that is fair. My facebook winner was Autumn, my 2 blog winners are {PaperCrafterAnonymous} and TerryM

Tomorrow will be a publication day, meaning Magazines, Books and Cricut Magazines will be given away. I will have a winner at 10:00pm as well as 2 other winners throught the day. It will be another quick question. The 1st blogger to comment will win and the first facebook follower to comment will also win. This morning was an early quick question to win... tomorrow I will make it a late afternoon or early evening Quick Question to win. Here is a clue to tomorrow's question.... it has to do with the front cover of the 2nd issue of the Cricut Magazine. You can view this online, you do not need to own it. You can actually win it!
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