Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bella's Kate's ABCs Cartridge

Here is the book stand up, well on its side in the picture. This is it finished.
a little tip for the ribbon. This is Grosgrain ribbon. It always frayed in me. I learned a little tip Instead of cutting the ribbon and having it unravel then trying to use fray check. If you use a hot knife to cut it, it cuts and cures it at the same time. 

All of my papers used are from BEE SCRAPPY. I used Kate's ABCs for the letters cut at 1 3/4" the 'frame' on the right is actually a door frame from Ornamental Iron cut at 3 1/4"
I used the Zig two way glue pen to put glue on the edges and then glitter on them. You have to cut the paper around the edge of the board book. Sometimes it is not the best looking thing, so I sprinkle glitter on it to cover up any ooopppps mistakes :)

This is still the board book, with Girl cut from Kate's ABCs GIRL is cut at 1 3/4" there was a kitten between the letters and I cut it out then I also seperated the bottom of the letters. I wanted a layer to I tried to make the same word at 2" and it just didnt work. So I made another one with the blue paper the same size and just put the on top of each other and move the bottom layer up and to the right a bit. then the blue that was showing, I used the glue pen and put blue glitter on it. On the right it is the same frame as before, just in a new paper. The 'windows' are 1 3/4" and they are a base layer for a door from Ornamental Iron.
By The Way-That is my cutie in the pictures.

This has the description for the words down below. Kate's ABCs at 1 3/4" and the same frame as all of the others, just new paper. The sentiment is a rub on from the same collection as the papers. All from Bee Scrappy.

So this is the base I used from Kate's ABCs, I cut it at 1 3/4" I used a stripe paper with Silver accents.

I cut this also from Kate's ABCs at 1 3/4" I try to use the same size for all words in a project. This was my base.

I then cut out the top layer in the Stripe, without the Silver (A different paper) I then used a small glue pen to outline the edge of the butterfly then I sprinkled Blue glitter around the edge. I then used the glue pen again and filled in the butterfly. I then sprinkled purple glitter on it.

So I use this cute little Xyron thing. It is technically a sticker maker but it gets adhesive on every little peice, and no sticky mess to clean up afterwards. So i put my words and peices through here.

I added the paper using a Tymo glue pen, if you add the paper to the chipboard book, wait to it to dry before cutting out the edges. I will tear if you do it wet. I also used the little Cricut Scoop to poke the holes then i stuck it in and swirled it around to make them nice and smooth.
Here is the back side you can see the paper at the top is scalloped, Wait until it is dry to cut it. I used an exacto knife to carefully cut the extra paper away. It was very easy to get the paper on the book. I applied the Tymo glue to the entire side of the book, Make sure you get all of the edges. Then I stuck the paper on and used the boning tool in the Cricut tool kit to smooth the paper over the book.

I wanted little decorations for the window, but I had no idea what side to cut. So I do a thing I call STAGEING the paper. I use plain white paper and cut the image and keep changing the size until I find the one that works. I then put my GOOD paper on the cutting mat and cut the ones I want. These are from Ornamental Iron, cut at 1 3/4"

Here is the GOOD paper that I cut the image out of. I wanted the stripes to line up on both of them, so I cut one, then I used the arrow keys to go down and across to start my cut right under the first one. I took them off of the cutting mat and put them under the windows.
The wording is a rub-on from kaiser Craft, the whole paper set is from there.
Here is the image below the windows. i just turned it upside down

Again I used white to make sure it was the size I wanted. This was cut from Ornamental Iron Cartridge at
2 3/4" after I knew it was the right size I cut it from the paper.

I then took the cut out, it was very plain so I decided to add glitter, so I put the image into the Sticker maker. The sticker maker, put adhesive on the bottom side. I wanted glitter /adhesive on top, so I put this in TOP side DOWN. I took it out sprinkled the glitter, then turned it over and put it through again so the adhesive would be on the bottom.

I used the litte try to put the glitter on then it has a funnel you can dump it right back into the container.
You waste less this way.

I cut these from a gate on Ornamental Iron, BEFORE I removed them from the mat, I traced the edge with the glue pen where i wanted glitter, I then sprinkled it on and THEN removed my image from the cutting mat. This was cut at 3 1/4" these are for my picture frames.

Here ar the suplies and tools I used. The 4 Martha Stewart Glitters, Zig glue pens, Tymo glue, Duck adhesive for the back of the pictures. A clear block for the fairy stamp on the fron of the book. My PINK tool kit, LOVE IT!

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