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E2 Questions answered from

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This Posted through Cricut Blog by: Jana Eubank  and Matt Strong answered the questions.
I have not changed or altered the questions or answers, they are how they were published.
1.    Do you notice a difference in the way it cuts or the amount of noise it makes?
In order to guarantee the same great cutting that Cricut machines have always delivered, Provo Craft made minimal changes to the mechanism used for cutting.  Customers can expect the same great cutting experiences with the Cricut Expression 2- 5th Anniversary Edition machine as they have always gotten from any Cricut machine they have previous experience with.
2.     Can markers be used with the Gypsy device without looking like they were drawn on a bumpy road?
This is an issue with how the Gypsy device controls the speed of the Cricut machine.  Using a Gypsy device with a Cricut Expression 2 – 5th Anniversary Edition and a pen will give you the same end result as if you are using any other Cricut machine with your Gypsy device.  However, the Cricut Expression 2 – 5th Anniversary Edition machine has a new firmware design that will allow Provo Craft to enhance the way that Gypsy device interacts with it.  This is an issue that Provo Craft is aware of and is working to address.
3.     Is it more accurate at cutting non-wonky circles and scallops than the regular Expression?
See the answer to question 1.  As always, if a user is having trouble with a Cricut machine we encourage them to call Customer Support.
4.    Does it work well with the endcap fonts?
We aren’t exactly sure by what you mean by “endcap fonts”.  Can someone give us a specific example so we can respond to this? Thanks!
5.      Can we see how we would either download the cartridges to the Expression 2 machine or use it with our Gypsy device and Craft Room?
Cartridges will not be downloaded to your Cricut Expression 2 – 5th Anniversary Edition machine.  In fact, Provo Craft has made a change to all new cartridges that will eliminate the need to update your Expression 2 machine every month so that it will work with new cartridges.  You can continue to download cartridges to your Gypsy device just as you always have.  The Cricut Expression 2 – 5th Anniversary Edition machine will work with Cricut Craft Room.  Look for forthcoming announcements from Provo Craft that specifically address this question.
6.     Do we load our carts on it like on the G?
No.  The Cricut Expression 2 – 5th Anniversary Edition machine is not a Gypsy device.  If Provo Craft let you link your cartridges to your Expression 2 machine then you would only be able to use them on that machine.  You would no longer be able to design on the go or use the cartridges on all Cricut machines.  You will still link your cartridges to your Gypsy device so that you can continue to use them on all Cricut machines.
7.    How do we hook the G to it or is it like the reg. E?
The Gypsy device is hooked to the Cricut Expression 2 – 5th Anniversary Edition machine using the same USB cable you use to connect your Gypsy device to any other Cricut machine.
8.    What is the extra port for on the back?
The extra port on the back is for future expansion of the hardware.  Specifically, Wi-Fi.  Look for coming announcements on a Wi-Fi adapter that will be available for use with your Circuit Expression 2 – 5th Anniversary Edition machine.  Once available you will no longer have to connect your Cricut Expression 2 machine to your computer with a USB cable.  This will be very nice for those of you who don’t have a computer in your craft area; you will be able to send you designs to the Expression 2 machine wirelessly.
9.    Can we do different colors on the side things?
Yes.  The shoulders are replaceable.  We are deciding on colors now.  Look for upcoming announcements about the availability of different color trim.
10. Will the Cricut machine markers work with it?
Yes.  In fact, the Cricut Expression 2 -5th Anniversary Edition machine has a special feature to make using different tools (like the pens) easier to use on the Expression 2 machine.  The Expression 2 machine can store settings for the speed, pressure and multi-cut.  In other words, you can setup your Expression 2 machine to use pens once and it will remember the settings for the next time you use pens (or any other tool or material).
11. How much will it cost?
Tune in on HSN on April 26, 2011 at 10PM MDT for pricing information.
12. I’m wondering if the preloaded carts on the E2 can be transferred to the G.
Not at launch but we will provide a solution for this in a coming Gypsy device update.
13.  Will the E2 cut chipboard and do all the things my current E does?
14. Will it be compatible with my Gypsy from the beginning, and work like my E does now, and not the Imagine? I still want to be able to weld on my Gypsy device and cut with the E and I am hoping that we will be able to do that with the Imagine soon.
Yes.  Your Gypsy device will work with your Cricut Expression 2 – 5th Anniversary Edition machine.  There will be an update needed for your Gypsy device to work with this new Cricut machine.  That Gypsy device update is in test currently and will be available soon.
15.  Will there be pre-loaded carts on subsequent releases of the E2?
Yes.  However, there is no guarantee that they will be the same 4.  Infact, the current plan is that subsequent releases of the Cricut Expression 2 machine will only have 2 cartridges.
16.  Will they be the same 4 carts that are pre-loaded on the Anniversary E2 due to be released on HSN on the 26?
See answer to question 15.
17.  Will the pre-loaded carts on the Anniversary (or subsequent releases) ever be available in actual cart form? Example-Cricut machine Essentials is already in cart form.
Provo Craft might release these cartridges in cartridge form but there are currently no plans to do so.
18.  Is the E2 compatible with Design Studio? Or only Cricut Craft Room?
The Cricut Expression 2 -5th Anniversary Edition machine is only compatible with Cricut Craft Room and Gypsy device.  It is not compatible with Cricut Design Studio.
19.  What mm chipboard is compatible with the E2 since there is a little slot to guide cutting mat?
Since the guide slots on the Cricut Expression 2 – 5th Anniversary Edition machine are for the mat and not the material on the mat, you can cut the same things on your Cricut Expression 2 machine as you do on your current Cricut machine.
20.  Will there be MORE digital carts to download to the E2 like we did for Smiley? If so, will they only be compatible with the E2?
No.  The Cricut Expression 2 – 5th Anniversary Edition machine is not a Gypsy device.  Digital cartridges will be available through you Gypsy device and Cricut Craft Room.
21. At launch, will the E2 be compatible with the Gypsy? Will we have to pay extra for the plugin (?) to make the E2 WiFi compatible?
There will be an update needed for your Gypsy device in order for it to work with your Cricut Expression 2 – 5th Anniversary Edition machine.  This update is currently being tested and will be available soon.  If you are interested in Wi-Fi you will have to purchase the Wi-Fi adapter that will be available later this year.


TerryM said...

I think I'll just stick to my Expression, Gypsy and Imagine for a long while. Seems to me that they still have some things to work out.... wonder why they were in such a hurry to launch so quickly without having the WiFi cable availabe with it...... Oh Boy......

Anonymous said...

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Sandie Oxley said...

Thank you so much for working so hard to get all this info to us.

sallysaid said...

I'm thinking this is from the Circle blog and not Cricut blog and perhaps you shouldn't be a Circle member if you think it's okay to repost a private blog's information.

NIPL said...

To Sally^

I respect your opinion but I am new to this whole blog, cricut, thing. If it wasn't for the blogs I have found by chance, I would not know where to start.

Since this is an informational and promotional piece that clearly has the correct credit given, I would ask that you embrace that Erica is sharing this with people who are starting to enjoy a new hobby...and has no idea what a Circle member is!

BroknWing said...

thanks for the FAQ about the E2. I wasn't able to order one last week, but I think I'd rather wait for it to have wi-fi ready anyway.

Michelle H.

Anonymous said...

where can I purchase the wi fi for the expression 2 5th anniversary
it is available complete with the expression machine now in the uk with ideal world but not to purchase on its own. why do provo craft always have to sell their machines then bring something else out and make you wait for months to purchase what should come to you when update first comes out.
sandra jones

Anonymous said...

Can you have both the E2 and Imagine on your Gypsy? I cannot seem to add a my new E2, but I have the Imagine on it.

Geri said...

Are we able to use the Gypsy with the E2 yet? It tells me it is not connected.....

Anonymous said...

Hi I have the anniversary edition 2 and have uploaded all all updates to my design studio so since you say it is not compatiable with my anniversary cricut and I went and got a gypsy could I download the design studio to the gypsy and then use those cartridges, so would that work and if not how or what can I do please help joyce

Anonymous said...

My friend bought a E2 from HSN and we cannot get it to cut correctly. It won't retain the placement of the image on the paper as it shows on the screen. She can not get the cutter set at a correct depth either. any videos or ideas on what to do .. We have read and reread all the instructions.. She was so excited to get a Cricut. Especially one with all the bells and whistles! Now she has just about given up on scrap booking all together. HELP! PLEASE.

Karen said...

Golly, updated my imagine and my gypsy. Now my gypsy will not work with my imagine. Although I have the gypsy makes the connection with the imagine the imagine says insert the cart. Help.