Friday, April 22, 2011

Ready for this weekend's fun stuff?????

Well there are TONS of prizes to be won. We are half way through my 2 week party and I still have 90% of my prizes here.... my poor followers... So, here we go.
I am going paper shopping now, LATER, much later tonight I am going to make some projects with the recipes for them. This will all be explained later. Then you get to do a Blog Hop for extra points. Don't worry a blog hop is easy. You don't have to make anything either. You just click your way from one blog to the next and look at what each blogger made. THAT IS IT! That's a blog hop! It is called Keeping the Peace Blog Hop. The theme is Peace. So I am going to make it my theme to make peace with the people who were annoyed with my post last night, which was not meant to be what it was. I put pictures of the Hello Thursday cartridges up before the email was sent out to Officially announce them. It was MY mistake, but not an intentional one. Now that I vented on my facebook, I will move forward and keep positive and continue to try to help Cricut Lover's. I will have the line up later tonight, so come here in the morning and I will have posted where to go first. Each blog will tell you where you should have come from and where to go next. It is very easy. If you like other blogs, then you should click to follow them so you can see each time they make something new. I look forward to it. I have so many cool new things. I don't know what to do. So off to look for paper with a Cricut Peace Theme, Peace is the theme, but I added my Love of Cricut. Have I mentioned my other Love (Other than my family?) Disney and Mickey Mouse.... this will be an answer to a Quick Question probably over the weekend! Love you all and sorry for the waves that were made last night!
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