Thursday, April 14, 2011

Enjoy the Season Imagine Cartridge available at plus New Teresa Collins cartridge coming soon!

Happy Thursday! I am so excited to end my want for the Enjoy the Season Imagine cartridge... it bought it a few minutes ago at  I am so excited! I am still waiting to order Berries and Cream though!
    So has anyone gotten a sneak peak at the New Imagine Cartridge by Teresa Collins, Baby Boutique. Don't worry if you won't have a baby, it is all right in line with Teresa Collins wonderful whimsical motif!
   I also just update my Gyspy and increased my must have list to include a Cake Everyday Sampler
Cake Seasonal Sampler... I will forever have my daily check in at 20 websites waiting to purchase the newest cartridges. Please read below how this will help you later.
    I used to be the ebay queen, but in light of recent Provo-Craft boy cotters, I will no longer give money to those people. I try to do all of my purchasing now at that way I get reward points and 10%. I am not sure if everyone gets 10% off or just circle members. If so, just another reason why I love the CIRCLE ;)
    So what do you all think.... I am feeling a little better now and am hopefully getting back to work soon (well actually starting to work) I got a job at a wonderful scrapbook shop called Bee Scrappy in Medina, Ohio. I would love for her to have an online store for you all to purchase the cool things that I will be talking about on here once Cricut Craft Room fully launches.  But here is where I am looking for some feedback.... Well from here and my Cricut Craft Room facebook.   I would like to challenge my new boss 2 times a week for each of us to use the same cartridge, same sizes and see how uniquely different we can make the same project. So say we pick Kate's ABCs and choose to make a 12x12 scrapbook layout and we pick 5 images and set the sizes, then it is up to our creative minds to see how different we can make them. Then we will put them side by side and have you all vote/comment on them... What do you think? EW, if you are reading this... do you accept this challenge? Let me know if so we can decide which cartridges we both own, write up an index card with 5 images and sizes for them, throw them in a basket and draw one then go home that night and work on them. We can have a time the next day to post them by. Then we can share our card with the cartridge and sizes and give you the recipe and maybe even have Bee Scrappy have kits for sale to make our projects.... EW we need to get you a kick butt webstore when I get home!
     So onto my info for the day. I continue to set up my website, but waiting to officially launch it after Provo-Craft makes the Cricut Craft Room software for everyone to access. As part of my website, i am going to have a weekly price list. So if you want say the "Formal Occassion" cartridge. I will have a spread sheet that you can look over and see what the prices are on different websites. I was going to update this daily, but I have a toddler to keep up with... so I have decided to change these weekly. There are also certain places that change their prices on Wednesday, some Sunday....etc. So under the company name it will say a day of the week and that is what day the prices will change.
   I also am working on all of the RGB codes for all of the cartridges, both Legacy (Regular) and the Imagine Cartridges. I have also decided that if you read what I write often you will remember that CCR means Cricut Craft Room. I do not want to talk down to anyone, nor do I want to assume that anyone knows something. So I have decided that I will put a little 'key' like they have on a map that explains what the shorthand means. For example CCR- Cricut Craft Room, DIL- Daughter In Law, TFS- Thanks For Sharing. I am learning and I hope to help you all learn these things too. But instead of explaining everything everytime. I will have a permanent box explaining what the abbr. (Abbreviations) mean. How annoying would that be to have me spell out everything everytime?!?!
    So here are the new cartridges that I have been able to catch wind of from other sites....
Imagine- Teresa Collins Baby Boutique
Cake- Cake everyday Sampler
Cake- Cake seasonal sampler
They keep coming out with more and more and I keep feeling the need to have more and more, actually all of them :)
I just have to find more of my daughter's American girl dolls to sell to fund my Cricut fix! Just Kidding! I sell my husband's tools for Cricut Stuff! Again JK.
Have a wonderful Thursday!
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