Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunshine and Smiles, Cards for a Cause

Sunshine and Smiles Cards for a Cause- June's Cause....

A great web-friend needs some help.....
Her "mother had back surgery well today we have found out she had a blood clot on her spine well it turns
out she may not be able to walk again is there a way to help me ask everyone out there on our facebook
pages that makes card to send her a get well card please as it would mean to world to her and my family for
all the prays as well let me know if this can happen then i will post you her mailing address thank you with all my love Penny
Lillie Ward
3025 E.Holmes Ave.
Cudahy,Wisconsin 53110
that is in the USA for anyone out of the country and thank you all so
much she had a blood clot on her spine compressing it and I may not be so good but with the prays and
cards we should find some help thank you all and love you foot doing this "
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