Tuesday, June 5, 2012

prevent colors/patterns changing colors when they touch each other in CCR

When using one layer do your Images in Cricut's Craft Room (CCR)
change colors/patterns on you? This should help.
Also how to add color to preview your creation even if you do not have an Imagine machine.

I can insert a pattern into ANY shape from any cartridge. I can then decide what size I want the pattern to fill at. Here are a few pictures....

So I opened up this image from Baby Boutique.....
These were the patterns that it came in, I went to the image itself and click on it, then at the bottom of the box, it gave the option to edit group, then on the top right of this image you can see combine, separate. I click separate.... then i pick eah image on its own to fill.... Don't forget to pick the Imagine machine.... on the left go to options, then machine and you can pick IMAGINE, or whatever machine you are using.
Even if you do not have the Imagine, I recommend designing in 'IMAGINE mode' so you can see what the colors will look like together.

You can see here i filled the image on the right with a different pattern.

Then I put different pattern in the image on the left...

Here is what it looked like after I clicked Combine on the top right... You can see there is a grey box that has two choices, WELD, DO NOT WELD It automatically wants to try to weld.... sometimes if you do not push the button DO NOT WELD, it will apply that pattern to both images.... It will not do this is you take part an Imagine image. but if you were to do this on the non-Imagine cartridges, and they touch it wants to automatically weld the images and what ever color or pattern is on them. You may have to click :Do not weld" and move them away from each other and then fill them with the pattern or color that you do want... Then after you click DO NOT WELD you can then let them touch and they will keep their own patterns.

I then separated them again and decided that I wanted the pattern larger, Under the colors and patterns tab on the left choose colors and patterns. You will then see two boxes with an arrow in between them. If you click the box on the right it will make the pattern larger as shown below. If you want to make it smaller click the image on the left to make it smaller. You can also use the arrows right next to those boxes to move the pattern where you want.... For example if there is a word in a pattern i can move the pattern left or right to get the word where I want it...

Then I made the pattern larger on the left using the same process.

I then clicked combine and put my image back together. You do NOT have to put them back together you can leave them as two images and print and cut separately.

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