Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Would you Ever Guess Wednesday April 18, 2012

So have YOU ever wondered what is Would You Ever Guess Wednesday??!!??!!??!!

Here is what it is...... We take some of the feature keys of a Cricut Cartridge, you know on the keypad layover the keys on the far left on the top three rows.... sometimes called layer, tag, card, font ...etc.
We use ONLY those keys, and not the image or its shadow. Basically if you can see it on the back of the cartridge box.... we don't use it! Or its shadow which is about the same thing ;)
We might also use a Cake cartridge to make a paper creation (All cake cartridges work in ALL cricut machines) But sometimes people forget about those cartridges. So we want to show you some of those and make you say "I would never have thought of that"

Beginning tomorrow ALL prices in my store will be marked down to 33% off for an entire month! In honor of Mother's Day --- I also know some have payday at different times of the month and some pay weeks we pay our bills....etc. We are just like everyone else, we pay certain bills with certain paychecks- We have dance, swim class fees, Easter baskets, and prescriptions just like everyone else :) So hopefully knowing the items will be on sale for a month you might be able to treat yourself to a little shopping :) If not hopefully you will see an idea on here someday that you like and you can make with supplies that you have at home for free. There are so many GREAT ideas here every week. I hope that you do find something you like.
Tomorrow (Thursday) the prices will be updated to reflect the sale prices.

Sheila used Tie the Knot cricut cartridge on her project. Check her blog at for details.

Marji used the Art Philosophy and Simply Charmed cartridges to make this project. Please visit her blog for details.

KathyJo used Designer's Calendar and papers available from Erica's Craft Room Store to create this desk sign. Please visit her blog for all the details of her project.

Heather M. aka Bunnyfreak used the Art Philosophy Cartridge to make her card. To see the full project please visit her blog at

A message to parents......

I know there are some codes in texting that kids use....
please take the time to look at this site and see what they are "really" saying.....
Please check out this list.....

For those with younger kids....
I know it is only April but Summer is going to be here tomorrow!
Just a few tips for parents..... for some economical adventures.
There are libraries with free book readings and crafts to go with them and sometimes juice and cookies. Fire stations do have kids days where you can tour the fire station and meet the firemen. Our local town has an event called Safety City- where the kids go and learn about bike safety, fires, stranger danger, 911 (even with cell phones they still should know 911)
Matinee movies--- Make something simple an event. When they wake up or at Breakfast present them with tickets or a piece of paper saying we are going to see such and such movie. Then look into the theme on the Internet learn about it talk about it find coloring pages with the theme. Go outside and see if you can connect the theme to outside and go for a walk and play pretend and make it an adventure. Then sit down and color with your child.... most kids even older ones still like to color believe it or not. If you are sitting down with them to color even if you are bad at it, it is time to talk and bond with your child. In this day and age sometimes we need to take a step back and reconnect with people instead of computer
(I know I am sending this message with a computer..... but my #1 job is being a mommy)
When my little one asks me to play.... and she says "You can bring your computer Mommy" that to me is a message, close my computer and go and play dolls, or Strawberry Shortcake or La La Loopsy. OK so getting back to the "movie adventure" Later in the day go to walmart and get the $1 candy in the big things in the middle of the isles. It is the same size as the movie theater and you save about $4 on each one. Then that night go and see the move.
You have made a day long activity for under $5!!! Oh I am only giving these tips because I was 3 months away from graduating with Honors with my Masters Degree in Elementary Education when I had my daughter. So I might know a thing or two about kids and education. Wink Wink!

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