Friday, April 13, 2012

Scrapbook Friday April 13, 2012-- Friday the 13th- HALLOWEEN!!!!

I know most people see Friday the 13th as a bad thing. I am lucky enough to have Friday the 13th be a great day for me. I was born on a Friday the 13th.
I also was born at ELMendorf air force base, my initials were ELM (like Elm Street).
My middle name was misspelled causing me to have-
13 letters between my first middle and last name.
I am luck that the number 13 has always been a good thing for me. So for those who have not had lucky 13s I will share some of my Friday the 13th luck with you all today!

Here are some great projects with our LUCKY 13 theme!
I also I have decided to open my retail shop today.... being Friday the 13th I couldn't help myself. I don't have much inventory because my online customers are wonderful to me.... but at least I can start scheduling my classes and use of the crop room :)

Tonight I am open from 5-8:00pm EST
Tomorrow I will be open from 10:00am- 4:30pm
I will also have a FREE open crop anytime I am open AND
Saturday night from 5:30-9:30pm EST

Erica's Craft Room
3312 S. Main Street Unit A
Akron, Ohio 44319

Jenn Lorist used Stamped for her scrapbook layout. To see her entire project please visit her blog at

Christina used cuts from Cricut Lite Celebrate with Flourish, and Simply Charmed for her layout today. Please visit her blog: to see the complete project.

Lisa Chamberlain used Mini Monsters cartridge to make this Halloween themed scrapbook page for Friday the 13th. Please visit her blog to see more projects like this today.

Sabrina used the Graduation Cartridge. Please visit her blog


azivy said...

Some great projects today ladies

azivy said...

Congrats Erica of the opening of your store :)

TeresaK said...

Great projects! Really loving the daily wrap up email!

lisacustomscrapbooking said...

Love the projects. Erica I wish I lived near you I would come visit your store ;)

Jessica said...

Wow, those are some really cool facts for today. I really don't see it as a "Bad" omen, I actually see 13 as my lucky number. I was born as the 13th and last child in my family.
Jessica S

happishay said...

Congratulations on your grand opening!! :) What an exciting time for you. I hope your store stays busy and sales are always good :)

Formerly known as: Queen of Bling said...

Yes Congrats! Love the projects 2! Have a great weekend :-)

Kristin Stuthard said...

WOW!! Congratulations :D I wish I lived in Ohio to visit!

missstamper said...

Love the projects! I am not superstitious, so Friday the 13th's are just another day! Thanks for sharing the details of why it is significant to you! :)

TeresaK said...

Lucky see all these great projects! Hope the opening went well Erica!
Teresa K

silvia said...

Great projects!!

Mary said...

Love all the projects. Geez Halloween already, lol. TFS, Mary M

Susie Craft Happy! said...

Very nice!!!

jennyplace2 said...

Wow to funny! I was just reading your post about the #13 and when I went to comment you had 13 comments! My daughter was also born on a Friday the 13th but she would not agree with you, she says it is very unlucky for her, but it was the best Friday the 13th for me when they put that sweet little baby girl in my arms and I still say it today 42 years later. Wonderful projects girls and I am looking forward to hoping tomorrow.

Vicky said...

Great projects for unlucky for some friday the 13th

mamawcindy said...

Great Projects!Loved hearing about the #13 and you. I'm not Superstitious. Wish I could come to your Store. :0)

Lisa's Creative Niche said...

so cute! I love the haunted house! I'm def. superstitious all thanks to my mom's side of the family!

Sarah said...

Great projects everyone! I have never thought of friday 13th as bad either.

Kris Dietz said...

Great projects! Friday the 13th has never been a bad day for me.

dietzrobles at yahoo dot com

CLM-cindylu2u said...

Wish you lived around me, then I could do your classes. Congrats on your opening!!! I had a great Friday 13th, and I never thought about doing a layout around it, thanks!!

HeatherLynn said...

love that little house!! soo cute! i'd love to teach a class of some sort! :)

SeriouslyHappy said...

This year will be baby's first Halloween, wonder what his scrapbook pages are going to look like, hmmm

Jodie R said...

Love the projects ladies! Cool trivia too Erica!!