Sunday, April 22, 2012

This week .....

Oh my goodness I cannot believe
April is almost over!!!

Well we are deep into planning for May here are just a few things.....
All month long for the challenges the colors will be:
Candy Apple, Tangerine and Lemon (red, orange and yellow)
We did Cool colors last month and now Hot colors this month! (Well next month)
So if you enter any of the challenges next month those are the colors to you ALL May. We have also picked the theme of flowers so you will see a to of May Flowers!
I decided to keep the same colors for a month this way if you buy a pack of cardstock....
you can use it all month.
For all of the Card Creating Tuesdays, in addition to our post of that week's sketch challenge we are also going to pick a different flower each Tuesday to use.
On Wednesdays we will use various feature keys from cartridges as well as using several touchy-feely embellishments. We will show you Flower Soft, Flocking, Stickles and Fibers/Canvas.
All of the Ustream classes have been Scheduled for Wednesdays in May. We will how you a touchy-feely embellishment in our Wednesday postings, then that night at 8:00pm I will show you how to use those items.
Then with June Weddings just around the corner.... the entire month of May on Theme Day Thursdays the theme is wedding, the first week will be Something OLD, then the following week- something New, the next week something Borrow, and the last week- Something Blue
Scrapbook Friday themes will be Mother/Daughter Tea/sleepover and just girly! Then Weddings, Christmas and then Pets.

So an exciting action packed month of May.

First don't forget about the weekly card challenge I have EVERY week there is a new challenge. The winner is picked at random so even if you are a beginning, it is a great first step to sharing your work with others and you can win something in the process.

Next our design team is having a garage sale!!! Whoo-Hoo! What fun! Next Thursday our sale will kick off. Right now the group is "closed" please request to be added to the group and once we have all of our items listed I will APPROVE you into the group....
The crafty garage sale is Thursday April 26- Saturday April 28
EVERYONE will get approved into the group on Thursday the 26th.
This is the crafty one
Our anything but Crafty Garage Sale will be Sunday April 29- May 2
and this is the non-crafty sale
EVERYONE will get approved into the group on Sunday April 29
At this time it is only open for Design Team members to sell their items. This is a temporary group and will be deleted after the event.... I know there are other crafty sales and crafty auctions. This is not to replace any of those. This is a one weekend only event.

Also don't forget to comment on ALL of my postings in April....
Yes you can go back a comment on any that you missed.
The person with the most comments will win a FULL SIZE Cricut Cake Machine!!!
And personal Web-classes with me to use it!
One comment per posting will be counted. So you only need to comment on each post once.
But if I posted 2 times on a day, comment once on both postings, that way you get a few extra points.
VERY easy... who wouldn't want to win a Cricut Cake Machine!!!

OK now on to the good stuff......
I got a box from Theresa The Scrapbooking Queen---
I got my new stamps and the stamps for the giveaway from last weekend's blog hop.
In my box was 400 ACTION WOBBLES......... YES 400!!!!! Wobble Wobble Wow!
That is over $200 in WOBBLES!!!
So here is what we are going to do with them....
Because they were a gift and we have to say 'thank you' for our gift...
we have to use them for the Wobble Wednesday challenge blog....
So Basically you get something for free, to enter to win something for free.....
come on I know you all can do that! So I have 400 wobbles to giveaway.....
I would like to give each person 3 of them.
One to use, one to share with a friend and one just in case of a mistake!
So I have 133 people to share these with.....
33 of my design team will get them,
then 50 who place an order from me and add the note "Action Wobbles Please"
Then there is the sign up for 50 people on my blog.
It will close at 50 people....This is over on the right hand side of my blog.

Look at the top of my blog over on this side

All you have to do is send me a self addressed stamped envelope and
I will mail you back your 3 Action Wobbles..... Just a regular stamp is enough.
Please see the full detail on the right of my blog to sign up AND where to send your envelope to.
You will know if you are one of the 50 because you will sign up for it to the
right of this post on my blog....
Once you add your name, send in your self addressed stamped
envelope to me and I will get them back out to you.
I will also attach the website and instructions for the challenge
and how to get more Wobbles!!! Trust me you are going to LOVE them!!!!
Here is the link to check them out if you have never seen them
before and also this week's Action Wobble challenge....

I have also attached this week's Card Challenge so check it out you may enter up to 3 times! (This will also count for a point toward the Cricut Cake Machine)

Also the Friday and Saturday night Ustream classes have been set as well.
Now that I have hired help I can schedule the Ustream classes and not have to reschedule any of them!

We are growing AND hiring!!!!
I have hired to help with the webstore and with shipping.
I am looking for some people in the Akron Ohio area to teach some craft classes. Everyone has their own style and sometimes what I like the nest person doesn't, this is part of why the design team is so diverse. Well classes are the same. I have a style when I make cards or scrapbook pages. I am not good at altered art or vintage looking things. Also some people like simple projects and some like crazy busy projects. It is always best to work in your own tastes, it comes natural so I am looking for a few other style types to teach some classes. I will be doing all of the how-to classes. But I am looking for some to make and then do a 1-2 hour class to put the project together. This can be anything it does not have to be cards or scrapbook pages. Please email me if you are interested in this and I will set up a an interview.
We are adding so many new items to the webstore each week.... check it out and see all of the new items that have been added. This week we added 2,000 items.... so you will want to check it out!!!

ALL prices in my store will be marked down to 33% off for an entire month!

In honor of Mother's Day ---So hopefully knowing the items will be on sale for a month you might be able to treat yourself to a little shopping :) If not hopefully you will see an idea on here someday that you like and you can make with supplies that you have at home for free. There are so many GREAT ideas here every week. I hope that you do find something you like.
Because it takes SO LONG to add items to the store we have been working on that so the sale prices are not reflected yet.

So in the meantime please use this code for 33% off

Cricut Cartridge prices dropped AGAIN :)
Well not for me, but I lowered them for you!

This is for all Mothers out there. Although you don't have to be a mom to take advantage of our sale. So during the 3rd step of check just enter 33 as the coupon code and you will see the 33% taken off. Please realize the Cricut cartridges are already SO LOW, that there is no additional sale on them, but realize you will not pay more than $32 for ANY Cricut cartridge, even the BRAND NEW ONES!!!!
Our new items in the store......
More adhesives, Xyron Creatopia and accessories, More ink, Glimmer mist-Tattered Angels, Cinch, Candi, E-clips, I-top, Crop-a-dile, Slice, Making Memories, We R Memory Keepers
We really expanded our paper Category and Martha Stewart
We added over 500 Martha Stewart items this week!
So here are a few categories and brands and we are adding everyday.
As new vendors come in we are going through a little bit longer shipping process while waiting for the first order with that company to come in. But the orders after that are coming in within about 2 days. So I am placing smaller first orders so the subsequent orders will come in faster. So before we list new items for sale, we get them in first :) It is working out much better and faster!

Also there will be 14 new companies added this week and the same goes until May 13th!

ALL Cricut Cartridges are $15-$32

Everything else is 33% off until... May 13th
Shipping time right now is down to 3-7 days.
Now that we hired help it is not just me.... so things are speeding up!

All of those cute clear bags and containers you see people adding tags to and putting goodies in them---- will be available VERY SOON!

Cartridge List Updated April 22, 2012

3 Birds on Parade Cricut®
3D Bows CricutCraft Room™ Exclusive
3D ChineseLanterns Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
3D ConesCricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
3D Hats CricutCraft Room™ Exclusive
3D LanturnsCricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
3D OrnamentsCricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
3D PinwheelsCricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
3DTrees Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
50 StatesClassmate™ Cricut®
9Months Cricut® Lite
A Child'sYear Cricut®
AccentEssentials Cricut®
All MixedUp Cricut®
All OccasionsCake Martha Stewart Crafts™
AllSports Cricut®
All Wrapped Up Cricut Imagine™ Art
Alphalicious Cricut®
AmericanAlphabet Cricut®
American SignLanguage Alphabet Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Ancestry Cricut Imagine™ Colors & Patterns,
AnimalKingdom Cricut®
April ShowersSeasonal Cricut®
Arrows CricutCraft Room™ Exclusive
ArtDeco Cricut®
ArtNouveau Cricut®
ArtPhilosophy Cricut® CTMH
Ashlyn'sAlphabet Cricut®
Audrey Cricut Imagine™ Colors & Patterns ,
AustraliaCricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
AutumnCelebrations Cricut®
B is forBoy Cricut® Lite
Baby Boutique --Teresa Collins Cricut Imagine™Art ,
BabyShower Cricut®
BabySteps Cricut®
Banners CricutCraft Room™ Exclusive
BarnyardBabies Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
BaseCamp Cricut®
BaseballSolutions™ Cricut®
BasketballSolutions™ Cricut®
Batman: TheBrave and the Bold
Be Young Creative Memories ™
Beep,Beep Cricut® Lite
Berries & Cream Cricut Imagine™ Colors &Patterns ,
Best Friends Cricut Imagine™ Art ,
Best Images of2006
Best Images of2007
Best Images of2008
Best Images of 2009
Best Images of 2010
Best ofPixar Cricut®
Best of TimesCreative Memories ™
Better Together Cricut Imagine™ Art ,
BeyondBirthdays Cricut®
BicyclingCricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Billionaire Cricut® Lite
BirthdayBash Cricut®
Birthday CakeArt Martha Stewart Crafts™
BirthdayCakes Cricut®
Black and White --Teresa Collins Cricut Imagine™Colors & Patterns ,
BlackletterSolutions™ Cricut®
Blast Off Cricut Imagine™ Art ,
BlockParty Cricut® Lite
Bloom Cricut® Lite
Blossom Cricut Imagine™ Colors & Patterns ,
BookmarksClassics Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Botanicals Cricut® Lite
Boys Will BeBoys Cricut®
BridalShower Cricut®
Bubblegum Stripes Cricut Imagine™ Colors &Patterns ,
Buccaneer Cricut Imagine™ Art ,
Bump in theNight Cricut® Lite
CakeBasics Cricut®
CalligraphyCollection Cricut®
Camp OutSolutions™ Cricut®
Campin'Critters Cricut®
CarDecals Cricut®
Carousel Cricut® Lite
Cars Disney/Pixar©
Celebrate withFlourish Cricut® Lite
Celebrations Cricut®
CheerfulSeasons Creative Memories™
CheerleadingCricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
ChemistryIcons Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
CherryLimeade Cricut® Lite
Chic &Scary Seasonal Cricut®
China CricutCraft Room™ Exclusive
Chinese CharactersCricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
ChipDecor Cricut®
ChoreChart Cricut® Lite
ChristmasCards Seasonal Cricut®
ChristmasCheer Cricut®
ChristmasSolutions™ Cricut®
Christmas Village Seasonal Cricut®
ChristmasWish Cricut Imagine™ Colors & Patterns ,
CindyLoo Cricut®
ClassicFont Cricut®
ContemporaryNature Cricut Imagine™
Country Carnival Cricut Imagine™ Art ,
CountryLife Cricut®
County FairCricut Cricut®
Crash! Boom!Pow! Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Create aCritter Cricut®
Cricut Craft RoomBasics Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Cricut DecalsCricut ©
CricutEveryday Cricut®
Cricut Fontand Basic Shapes Cricut ©
Cricut MiniSampler Cricut ©
Cricut SamplerCricut ©
Crocs Rule Cricut® Lite
Cupcake Wrappers Cricut® Lite
Cupcake Cricut® Lite
Cursive 101 Classmate™ Cricut®
Cuttin' Up Cricut®
Daisy Chain Cricut®
Damask Décor Cricut®
Decals Cricut®
Designer's Calendar Cricut®
Destinations Cricut®
DigitalNumbers Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Dinosaur Tracks Cricut®
Disney Classics Cricut®
Divine Wedding Creative Memories ™
Don Juan Cricut®
Doodlecharms Cricut®
Doodletype Cricut®
Dora theExplorer
Dreams Come True Disney©
Dude! Cricut® Lite
EasterBlessings Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Easter MagicCricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Easter Seasonal Cricut®
Elegant Cake Art Martha Stewart Crafts™
Elegant Cakes Cricut®
Elegant Edges Cricut®
Elise Cricut Imagine™ Colors & Patterns ,
Elmo & Friends Holiday Cricut®
Elmo's Party Cricut®
Enjoy the Seasons Cricut Imagine™ Art ,
Essentials Cricut®
European TourCricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Everyday Paper Dolls Cricut®
Everyday Pop-Up Cards Cricut®
Fabulous Finds Cricut®
Fancy Frames Cricut®
Fantasy CricutCraft Room™ Exclusive
Fast Food Cricut® Lite
Father's Day Seasonal Cricut®
Feeling Groovy Cricut® Lite
Fiesta CricutCraft Room™ Exclusive
FingerPuppets- Safari Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Floral Emporium Cricut Imagine™ Colors & Patterns,
Florals Embellished Cricut®
Flower Shoppe Cricut®
Font and Basic Shapes Cricut®
Forever Young Cricut®
Formal Occasion Cricut®
Four Legged FriendsCricut® Lite
France CricutCraft Room™ Exclusive
French Manor Cricut®
Freshly Picked Cricut®
From My Kitchen Cricut®
Fun in the Sun Cricut® Funny Faces Cricut Craft Room™Exclusive
Garden Soup Cricut ©
George and Basic Shapes Cricut®
Germany CricutCraft Room™ Exclusive
Giant Flowers Cricut®
Gingerbread Seasonal Cricut®
Girl's Makeup Party Cricut®
Give a Hoot Cricut®
Gnomes andMushrooms Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Go Canada Cricut®
Going Places Cricut®
Graphically Speaking Cricut®
Greek AlphabetCricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Greeting Cards Inside and out Cricut Imagine™Art
Groovy Times Cricut®
Gypsy Font Digital Cricut®
Gypsy Wanderings Digital Cricut®
H2O Seasonal Cricut®
Handy Man Cricut® Lite
Hannah Montana Disney®
Happily Ever After Disney©
Happy EasterCricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Happy Graduation Seasonal Cricut®
Happy Hauntings Cricut®
Heirloom Cricut Imagine™ Colors & Patterns,
Hello Kitty® Font
Hello Kitty® Greetings
Heritage Cricut®
Hey Diddle Diddle Cricut Imagine™ Art ,
HolidayCakes Cricut®
Holiday GiftTags Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Home Accents Solutions™ Cricut®
Home Décor Solutions™ Cricut®
Hoot 'n' Holler Cricut® Lite
Hopscotch Cricut Imagine™ Colors & Patterns,
Human BodyCricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Imagine More Cards Cricut Imagine™ Art ,
Imagine More Cricut Imagine™ Art ,
Independence Day SeasonalCricut®
Indie Art Solutions™ Cricut®
Industrial Glow Cricut Imagine™ Colors & Patterns,
Inspired Heart Cricut® Lite
Italy CricutCraft Room™ Exclusive
Jasmine Cricut®
Jewish IconsCricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Jolly Holidays Cricut® Lite
Joys of the Season Cricut®
JT Cricut Imagine™ Art ,
Jubilee Cricut®
Just a Note Cricut®
Just Because Cards Cricut®
Karate CricutCraft Room™ Exclusive
Kate's ABCs Cricut®
Kate's Kitchen Cricut Imagine™ Art ,
Keystone Cricut®
Labels CricutCraft Room™ Exclusive
Lacy Labels Cricut® Lite
Las Vegas Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Learning Curve Classmate™ Cricut®
Letter Envy Cricut®
Life is a Beach Cricut®
Life's a Party Cricut®
Live Simply Cricut® Lite
Locker Talk Cricut®
Lori's Garden Cricut Imagine™ Art ,
Los AngelesCricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Love Struck Seasonal Cricut®
Love You a Latte Cricut® Lite
Lovely Floral Cricut® Lite
Luau Seasonal Cricut®
Luggage TagsCricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Lyrical Letters Cricut®
Makin' the Grade Cricut®
Masks- AnimalsCricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Masks- EarthlyElements Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Meow Cricut® Lite
Mickey and Friends Disney©
Mickey Font Disney®
Mini Monograms Cricut®
Mini Monsters Cricut®
MissionaryIcons Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Monther's DayCoupon Book Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Mother’s Day Bouquet Seasonal Cricut®
Mother's Day3D Corsage Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Mother's DayKid Cards Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Mother's DayMoments Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Mother's DayPhrases Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Mother's Day Seasonal Cricut®
Movie NightCricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Mr. Frosty Cricut Imagine™ Colors & Patterns,
Muscical NotesCricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
MusicalInstruments Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Mustaches andGlasses Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
My Community Classmate™ Cricut®
My Quiet Book Cricut®
My World Classmate™ Cricut®
Mystical Garden CricutImagine™ Colors & Patterns ,
Nate's ABCs Cricut®
New Arrival Cricut®
New EnglandShore Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
New OrleansParty Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
New Testament Cricut®
New Years Eve2012 Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
NewYork Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Nickelodeon® SpongeBob Squarepants
Nifty Fifties Cricut®
Noah's ABC Animals Cricut®
Notebook Doodles Cricut Imagine™ Colors &Patterns ,
Nursery Rhymes Cricut®
Nursery Tails Cricut Imagine™ Art ,
October 31st Seasonal Cricut®
Office Help Cricut®
Old West Cricut®
Ole Cricut®
Once Upon a Princess Cricut®
Opposites Attract Cricut®
Ornamental Iron 2 Cricut®
Ornamental Iron Cricut®
Out ofCharacter
Pack Your Bags Cricut®
Page PalsCricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Pagoda Cricut®
Paisley Cricut®
Paper Doll Dress Up Cricut®
Paper Dolls Teen Scene Cricut®
Paper Lace 2 Cricut®
Paper Lace Cricut®
Paper Pups Cricut®
Paper Trimmings Cricut®
Party Picksand Pennants Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Pet Shop Cricut® Lite
PhiladelphiaCricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Photo CornerCricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Phrases Cricut®
Picturesque Cricut®
Pink Journey Solutions™ Cricut®
Plantin SchoolBook Cricut®
Playground Equipment Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Playtime Cricut® Lite
Pooh and Friends Disney®
Pooh Font Set Disney®
Potpourri BasketCricut®
Preserves Cricut®
Princess Party Cricut®
Printing 101 Classmate™ Cricut®
Printing Press Cricut®
Pumpkin Carving Seasonal Cricut®
Quarter Note Cricut®
Recess Cricut® Lite
Reminisce Accents Creative Memories™
Ribbons and Rosettes Cricut®
Robot Party Cricut®
Robotz Cricut®
Rock Princess Cricut®
Roman NumeralsCricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Royalty CricutCraft Room™ Exclusive
Sampler Cricut®
San FranciscoCricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Sans Serif Solutions™ Cricut®
Santa's Village Cricut Imagine™ Art ,
Savory Cricut® Lite
Scandinavian Christmas Cards Cricut®
Sea ShellsCricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Seas Birds andFish Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Seasonal Cake Martha Stewart Crafts™
SeasonalCharacters Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Sentimentals Cricut®
Serenade Solutions™ Cricut®
Sesame Street Seasons Cricut®
Sesame Street® Font Cricut®
Sesame Street® Friends Cricut®
Shall We Dance? Cricut®
Simply Charmed Cricut®
Simply Scarecrow Solutions Cricut®
Simply Sweet Cricut®
Slumber Party Cricut® Lite
Smiley Cards Digital Cricut®
Snapshot: Everyday Cricut Imagine™ Colors &Patterns ,
Snapshot: Nature Cricut Imagine™ Colors &Patterns ,
Snapshot: Texture Cricut Imagine™ Colors &Patterns ,
Snow Angel Cricut Imagine™ Art ,
Snow Day Seasonal Cricut®
Snow Friends Seasonal Cricut®
Soccer Solutions™ Cricut®
Solar SystemCricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Something to Celebrate Cricut®
Songbird Cricut®
Sophie Cricut®
Sophisticated Cricut®
Space Party Cricut®
Speaking of Fall Classmate™ Cricut®
Speaking of School Classmate™ Cricut®
Speaking of Winter Classmate™ Cricut®
Splish Splash Cricut® Lite
Sports Mania Cricut®
Spring Cottage Cricut®
Spring HolidayCards Seasonal Cricut®
St. Patrick’sDay Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Stamped Cricut®
Stamping Solutions™ Cricut®
Stand and Salute Cricut®
Stars CricutCraft Room™ Exclusive
Stencil Cricut®
Stone Script Solutions™ Cricut®
StoreFront Cricut®
Stork's Delivery Creative Memories™
Storybook Cricut®
Straight from the Nest Cricut®
Street Sign Solutions™ Cricut®
Stretch your Imagination Cricut®
Sugar and Spice Cricut® Lite
Summer Celebrations Cricut®
Summer in ParisSeasonal Cricut®
Summer Vacation Seasonal Cricut®
Superman™ Cricut®
Sweater Weather Cricut® Lite
Sweet Shop Cricut® Lite
Sweet Tooth Boxes Cricut®
Sweet Treats Cricut®
Sweethearts Cricut®
SwitzerlandCricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Tags, Bags, Boxes, & More 2 Cricut ©
Tags, Bags, Boxes,& More Cricut®
Tear Drop Cricut®
Teresa CollinsBasics Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Teresa CollinsBunnies and Chicks Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Teresa CollinsChristmas Collage Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Teresa CollinsChristmas Holly Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Teresa CollinsChristmas Ornaments Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Teresa CollinsChristmas Sentiments Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Teresa CollinsDeck the Halls Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Teresa CollinsEaster Basket Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Teresa CollinsHoliday Silhouettes Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Thanksgiving Seasonal Cricut®
ThanksgivingTable Decor Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
The Good Old Days Cricut Imagine™ Art ,
This & That Creative Memories™
Tie the Knot Cricut®
Tinker Bell & Friends
'Tis the Season Creative Memories™
Toy Story Disney©
Track andField Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Traveler Creative Memories™
Trim the Tree Seasonal Cricut®
Twinkle Toes Cricut® Lite
Type Candy Cricut®
Valentine’s 3DMailbox Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Valentine’sSentiment Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Valentine’sSweets Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Varsity Letter Cricut® Lite
Very Merry Tags Seasonal Cricut®
Victorian Romance Seasonal Cricut®
Vintage Damask Cricut Imagine™ Colors & Patterns,
Vintage Papers Cricut®
Walk in My Garden Cricut®
Wall Décor and More Cricut®
Wedding Solutions™ Cricut®
Whales andDoplhins Cricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
When It's Cold Outside Seasonal Cricut®
Wild Card 2 Cricut©
Wild Card Cricut®
Wildlife Cricut® Lite
Winter Frolic Cricut®
Winter Lace Seasonal Cricut®
Winter Woodland Cricut®
Word BubblesCricut Craft Room™ Exclusive
Word Builders: A Garden of Words Cricut®
Word Builders: A Word Party Cricut®
Word Builders: An Ocean of Words Cricut®
Word Collage Cricut®
Wrap It Up Cricut®
Yee-Haw Cricut® Lite
Yummy Cricut Imagine™ Art,
Zodiak CricutCraft Room™ Exclusive
Zombies CricutCraft Room™ Exclusive
Zoo Day Cricut® Lite
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