Thursday, April 19, 2012

Current events!

Happy Thursday Everyone!!!

There are a few things going on that I would like to remind you of....

First don't forget about the weekly card challenge I have EVERY week there is a new challenge. The winner is picked at random so even if you are a beginning, it is a great first step to sharing your work with others and you can win something in the process.

Next our design team is having a garage sale!!! Whoo-Hoo! What fun! Next Thursday our sale will kick off. Right now the group is "closed" please request to be added to the group and once we have all of our items listed I will APPROVE you into the group....

The crafty garage sale is Thursday April 26- Saturday April 28
EVERYONE will get approved into the group on Thursday the 26th.
Our anything but Crafty Garage Sale will be Sunday April 29- May 2
and this is the non-crafty sale
EVERYONE will get approved into the group on Sunday April 29
At this time it is only open for Design Team members to sell their items. This is a temporary group and will be deleted after the event.... I know there are other crafty sales and crafty auctions. This is not to replace any of those. This is a one weekend only event.

OK now on to the good stuff......
I got a box Yesterday from Theresa The Scrapbooking Queen---
I got my new stamps and the stamps for the giveaway from last weekend's blog hop.
In my box was 400 ACTION WOBBLES......... YES 400!!!!! Wobble Wobble Wow!
That is over $200 in WOBBLES!!!
So here is what we are going to do with them....
Because they were a gift and we have to say 'thank you' for our gift...
we have to use them for the Wobble Wednesday challenge blog....
So Basically you get something for free, to enter to win something for free.....
come on I know you all can do that! So I have 400 wobbles to giveaway.....
I would like to give each person 3 of them.
One to use, one to share with a friend and one just in case of a mistake!
So I have 133 people to share these with.....
33 of my design team will get them,
then 50 who place an order from me and add the note "Action Wobbles Please"
Then there is the sign up for 50 people on my blog.
It will close at 50 people....This is over on the right hand side of my blog.

Look at the top of my blog over on this side >>>>>>

All you have to do is send me a self addressed stamped envelope and
I will mail you back your 3 Action Wobbles.....
Please see the full detail on the right of my blog to sign up AND where to send your envelope to.
You will know if you are one of the 50 because you will sign up for it to the
right of this post on my blog....
Once you add your name, send in your self addressed stamped
envelope to me and I will get them back out to you.
I will also attach the website and instructions for the challenge
and how to get more Wobbles!!! Trust me you are going to LOVE them!!!!
Here is the link to check them out if you have never seen them
before and also this week's Action Wobble challenge....

How would you like to double up on your project???? Networking and double dipping :)
Here is the sketch for MY CARD CHALLENGE.....
We both have pets in our challenge this week (Great unintentional timing)
Obviously you might not get your Action Wobbles in time for this week's Wobble Wednesday Challenge....
but check every Wednesday for the winner and the new Wobble Wednesday Challenge.

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