Thursday, April 19, 2012

Theme Day Thursday April 19, 2012 Theme- BEACH/ Vacation!

Today's theme is VACATION!
My little 2 cents today is about clear stamps....
scroll down to read about them.

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Clear Stamps......

What about them? Why do they yellow???
Well now the trend has switched from red rubber stamps on a wooden block
to a thin sheet of clear photopolymer stamps.
What on earth is that other than an easy way to take a ton of stamps somewhere with you?
Well the new clear stamps are a sheet of clear 'rubber' but the Photopolymer is a proce
ss in which light (photo) cures the Polymer (Clear material) into a shape. Now if you only have a cast (shown below) on one side your image - it would only cure on one side. .... if you apply a 'cast' to both sides you image would 'cut' on both sides.....
In housewife english---- I will give an example with the Teresa Collins Stamp maker.
I take an image that I want to make into a stamp on my computer and I invert the colors.
So where you would normally see BLACK,
you would then see nothing (white) see picture....

In this picture this is what you want your stamped image to look like....

But to get it to stamp that you have to invert the colors and print it like this.....

I then take this image and put it on ONE side of the polymer pack- gel.
The light then treats the "White" part and cures the gel and makes it 'hard'
The photo polymer does not cure under the black part.
So when I take it out of the light unit, the part under the black is still 'liquid' gel.
So I put it in water and brush it away to remove the excess around the letters.

I then put it back in to finish curing it. If I put it in for too long it will ruin the image with light exposure..... Same when you leave your clear stamps out they can 'yellow' this is because the light is 'treating' the photo polymer AGAIN.

****** My opinion*****
They say it does not hard the stamps, but I think if it made the stamp with light and the light is changing the color of that stamp, maybe it would change the image as well
****** My opinion*****

Fact.... they tell you to store your stamps in a cold, dry DARK place.... so if they recommend dark there must be a reason why.

I actually store my stamps in the little binders from Staples. They are cheaper than the ones that the craft stores sell and I think they work better.
The book is about $6.99 and you get 25 sheets for $3.99
So for $11 you get the book and 25 sheets

Now at a craft store you spend $18 on the book and $9.99 for 5 refill sheets.

The books/sheets fit perfect the following stamps that I PERSONALLY own....
My Minds Eye
Scrappy Moms

I do not mean to leave anyone out, but these are just what I own.

So I use these books to keep my stamps organized and out of the light.
Have a wonderful day everyone!
Who knows what I will want to share tomorrow!
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