Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Would You Ever Guess Wednesday November 23, 2011

Don't forget next Thursday begins our 25 projects A DAY!!! I am so excited. My Design Team, friends, family and local ladies are so amazing and are helping me get everything ready for the store's GRAND OPENING tomorrow and HUGE Black Friday sale that starts on THURSDAY! I figured everyone is starting Thursday.... why not join them! For me, I am Thankful to have Christmas right around the corner. So for me tomorrow is Merry Almost Christmas!
Also another exciting thing that is around the corner..... We will be exploring ONE cartridge each day of the week. What this means is on a Card Creating Tuesday... part of the design team will be making cards and the other part (myself included) will be showing you some great projects with a certain cartridge that day. This begins this Friday with Paper Lace 1 or 2, Saturday is Damask Decor and Sunday is Create a Critter, Monday is Sophisticated, Tuesday is Boys will Be Boys, Wednesday will be Digital Cartridges. Then Thursday December 1 We will be making Christmas projects for the kick off of the 25 projects a day in December! I am so excited for this!!!  

Now onto today's Would You Ever Guess Wednesday projects.... Do you ever wonder why we call it Would you ever guess Wednesday? On these days we try to use a cake cartridge to make a paper craft or food from a regular cartridge, we might also use just the feature keys on the cartridge.

I have to share with you one more thing. This is just a fun thing we are doing within the Design Team. I bought a stack of paper and it was called Snacks by DCWV. I though the idea of food would be cute and practical. But the images are so large. Imagine a lime that is 12" big.... not really what I thought it was going to be. Last weekend we did a design team Ustream. Melissa was here to help me and we kept laughing about these papers. So we decided to send these out to do challenges amongst us. Then we decided to call it the box of doom. Then I had a great idea, when the design team signs up for a day and for whatever reason (sick, kids, family..etc) if they don't post, they get a paper from the BOX of DOOM. I even let them pick their own papers from the box.... One has threatened me to make something with the papers then send the project to me! So in a lighthearted mood, which is how the BOX of DOOM is intended..... I did not see one of the ladies emails last week.... so she asked me if I get a paper from the BOX of DOOM.... I think it is only fair for me to get one paper from the BOX of DOOM also.... so Jenny R>>>>>> I too will make a project from the BOX of DOOM! Thanks for taking it as it is a fun way to laugh about our mistakes :) So fair is fair ..... I am part of the team too....... Don't worry you won't be able to miss it when we create from the BOX of DOOM!!!!!

Tammy S used the Lyrical Letters cartridge.
Please visit her blog at to find out more on how she created this card.

Laura used "A Child's Year" to create this card...
For more details, visit her blog at

Jen L used end cap feature from Mickey Font cartridge and Mickey and Friends Cartridge

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