Monday, November 14, 2011

My IMAGINE-ation Monday November 14, 2011

          My apologies for this post going up so late.... Blogger does not like me right now... actually since Saturday. On that note. I have NEVER had an auto post go up at the right time. I have to go in a manually post everyday. I do not believe it to be user error as I have set up auto post on my other blog and my Sister-in-law's blog.... so I have no idea. I have also had to buy additional space because all of the images that I post everyday, I guess I used all of the free space blogger allow per blog... I foresee many upgrades in my future. Which is great for all of us.
          I would like to share with all of you what my design team and great friends have done for me this weekend. They got together and all made me 8x8 scrapbook pages. This is not just a small oh they made me something.... First off they kept it a secret from me, I have no idea how they were able to do that.... but they did. What they did was they took pictures of me or made me pages to put my pictures in. It had everything I love the most in it, Cricut, Christmas, Disney, my Daughter and my friends themselves. Each page is different and so unique.
      Then on their blogs they all wrote these amazing things about me..... I don't see myself as they do... Wow it is crazy how they think of me... I don't see what they see, BUT I am happy that I have made a difference in their lives. That to me makes anything I do all worth it! I am just a mom who knows a few crafty things and I just want to share them and maybe share a money saving tip or two. My big thing is that I just want to help people use what they already own and I want to help them not to make mistakes that I have... That's about it! I know there are so many blogs out there that are so perfect and always make perfect projects. I really want to help beginners and I need to do more of that. I have not been feeling well at all and have not been doing many UStream 'classes' and tutorials. I am hoping with more help I will be able to do them on a regular basis again. I am on new medication which has taken its toll on me. But I am trying to do all that I can. I cannot thank my design team enough for all that they have done and do everyday. VERY SOON I hope to post my projects 4-5 days a week. So for today no project from me yet, but from my wonderful design team there are two projects for us to share with you.

Amanda used Yummy and celebrate with flourish Cricut Cartridges.

Gayle used the Imagine cartridge, Santa's Village, in her E2 to create this card. 
Her blog is

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