Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Card Creating Tuesday November 1, 2011

If you couldn't tell that I am changing colors of things around here.... let me just remind you...
ONLY 54 days until CHRISTMAS!!!!

Yesterday I went to St. Jude's and dropped off the cards. We were not allowed up onto the floors with the children, due to contanimation and possibly getting the children sick. I completly understand. So we were able to see a few children in the lobby for outpatent services and we gave the coordinator several thousand cards and she was so excited about them. Enjoli joined me to give the cards. After we went to Maggie Moos for Ice Cream with our kids. Then we saw a horse drawn carriage with a princess top on it! Perfect! we went for a short ride back to the parking garage. It was so nice of Enjoli to drive up and help. We were bummed that we couldnt pass out the cards like we were told we could. But I understand why we couldn't. I am goign to keep collecting cards to take to my local children's hospital and the days that I volenteer there, I will pass out the cards :) It was so nice to meet Enjoli, she is so nice as are her children who had a cute halloween bag of goodies for Bella. Very thoughtful and so nice. I wish I could have stayed longer. Today we are headed back home today.

On to today's cards!

 Madison used the Forever Young and Formal Occasions Cricut cartridges to create this card. Her blog address is http://funkycards.blogspot.com/

Lucinda used Create A Critter.

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