Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Card Creating Tuesday November 22, 2011

As the Holiday is coming upon us here are some great cards..... I LOVE the theme! I also made a QUICK card for my Nephew's birthday party tonight!

Please don't judge it, this was made in about 12 minutes.....
So it is not the best work, but I am sure my 2 year old nephew will like it.

Suzy's Crafts made some GREAT cards though....

Suzy's Crafts used Scandinavian Christmas.
Her blog is http://suzyssimplecrafts.blogspot.com

Suzy's Crafts used Celebrate with a Flourish.
You can see more details at her blog http://suzyssimplecrafts.blogspot.com/.

I used Winnie the Pooh and Friends AND Winnie the Pooh Font to make this card. I only took 15 minutes to make this...  I always cut my characters at 4" I do this because I do not like scraps of paper, so when I cut images for a character I do Auto fill and have the Cricut cut all of the image it can fit on one page.
The next time I go to make that character I have many pieces already cut.
I never have to think or measure what size I need because all of my pieces fit a 4" character.

For the yellow I just used my Your Story Trimmer and cut the Yellow card stock to 5" square.
I then used a corner rounder to make it look nice and smooth.

I also cut a 2 right out of the Yellow, but I put a price of plain card stock down and cut first so that I can make sure where I want the 2 to cut. So I lay white card stock down first and cut a two. Then I remove the 2, but keep the scrap paper that was around it. I then slide my yellow paper under the white until I line up my 'good' paper right where I want it. Then I press it down and remove the rest of the scraps. I then load the paper back into my machine and LOAD PAPER and hit REPEAT LAST. I get a perfect cut right where I want it every time. I waste so much less of my "GOOD" paper.
I then used my Crop-a-dile to set the eyelets around the outside of the yellow card stock.

Here is Eeyore hiding inside also cut at 4"

So I tried to do the coloring with Copic markers.... But I don't think I had enough shades. So I used my Orange glitter stickles to go over the orange that didn't color well. I liked it so much I took White Liquid Pearls and colored Tigger's tummy and face. The white had shimmer and the orange was glitter and the black was flat, so it gave him 3 different dimensions. I also used pop-dot to POP Tigger up! I also used pop dots to pop the yellow from the black.

Here you can see how the pearlized look shines so nice.


jennyplace2 said...

How can you say this card isn't great...12 minutes..you do amaze me girl, love it!

Southern Scrapper said...

very cute love the glitter!

Josie0602 said...

They are all great cards and 12 minutes? You rock Erica! It would take me twice as long to even think of an idea for a card!

Suzys Crafts said...

Wow Erica, that is a great card!

KAT said...

very cute.

Alisha said...

Great card, i really like how you added the stickles. very cute.

gshrader said...

Great cards today! I love the Christmas trees and the Tigger card too!!
Thanks for sharing!

Jenny R said...

Adorable Tigger card...I wish I could make cards in 12 minutes. :) I also love Suzy's cards...great job girlies!

EnjoliCollums said...

Great cards Erica and Suzy

Debbie said...

wonderful cards like everyday here
upnurse at aol dot com

Liz said...

Tigger is my fav Pooh character so I just love this card!


McVic said...

LOVE the christmas card! Its beautiful- TIgger is pretty adorable too!

Mrs.Debbie said...

Really nice job Ladies I love them all thanks for sharing.

Hugs Debbie

Creative Diva said...

Fabulous cards! I love the Tigger one!

creativediva98 at gmail dot com

Cathy said...

I love all these disney projects!!!

Janeen said...

Great cards girls! I love your Tigger card Erica, so cute! :)

Maria Garzon said...

Look at all of those nice cards...great job everyone and so inspiring!