Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Card Creating Tuesday November 22, 2011

As the Holiday is coming upon us here are some great cards..... I LOVE the theme! I also made a QUICK card for my Nephew's birthday party tonight!

Please don't judge it, this was made in about 12 minutes.....
So it is not the best work, but I am sure my 2 year old nephew will like it.

Suzy's Crafts made some GREAT cards though....

Suzy's Crafts used Scandinavian Christmas.
Her blog is http://suzyssimplecrafts.blogspot.com

Suzy's Crafts used Celebrate with a Flourish.
You can see more details at her blog http://suzyssimplecrafts.blogspot.com/.

I used Winnie the Pooh and Friends AND Winnie the Pooh Font to make this card. I only took 15 minutes to make this...  I always cut my characters at 4" I do this because I do not like scraps of paper, so when I cut images for a character I do Auto fill and have the Cricut cut all of the image it can fit on one page.
The next time I go to make that character I have many pieces already cut.
I never have to think or measure what size I need because all of my pieces fit a 4" character.

For the yellow I just used my Your Story Trimmer and cut the Yellow card stock to 5" square.
I then used a corner rounder to make it look nice and smooth.

I also cut a 2 right out of the Yellow, but I put a price of plain card stock down and cut first so that I can make sure where I want the 2 to cut. So I lay white card stock down first and cut a two. Then I remove the 2, but keep the scrap paper that was around it. I then slide my yellow paper under the white until I line up my 'good' paper right where I want it. Then I press it down and remove the rest of the scraps. I then load the paper back into my machine and LOAD PAPER and hit REPEAT LAST. I get a perfect cut right where I want it every time. I waste so much less of my "GOOD" paper.
I then used my Crop-a-dile to set the eyelets around the outside of the yellow card stock.

Here is Eeyore hiding inside also cut at 4"

So I tried to do the coloring with Copic markers.... But I don't think I had enough shades. So I used my Orange glitter stickles to go over the orange that didn't color well. I liked it so much I took White Liquid Pearls and colored Tigger's tummy and face. The white had shimmer and the orange was glitter and the black was flat, so it gave him 3 different dimensions. I also used pop-dot to POP Tigger up! I also used pop dots to pop the yellow from the black.

Here you can see how the pearlized look shines so nice.
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