Thursday, November 10, 2011

Theme Day Thursday November 10, 2011 BIRTHDAY

Well it is not MY birthday, but all birthdays are fun, aren't they?!?!?!

Speaking of fun, that reminds me of a few contests that are currently going on. Please see below....
As a bonus to ANYONE who reads my blog..... I am putting in a Peachy Keen order for my local scrapbook shop and you may take advantage of this order and discount. More information here....

 Here are the great birthday projects that have been made by the design team for today....
Tammy S put together this invitation using George and Basic Shapes and Old West carts. Please visit her blog at  to see how she created it.

Karey used the Birthday Bash cartridge. Her blog is

Audrey used Simply Charmed Cartridge. Her blog is 

Lucinda used Hello Kitty Greetings cartridge. Visit her blog at 

 Jen L used Best Friends and Birthday Bash. Her blog is Jen L

I have 2 Cricut Everyday Circle exclusive cartridges for you to win.
Here are the TWO ways to win.
December is Bella (my little girl's) birthday.
The design team and I are going to be doing a Princess Bella's Birthday Blog hop December 10 & 11
They do not have to make things for HER, just princess or birthday.
But fro you to win one of the Cricut Everyday Circle Exclusive cartridges,
YOU get to make something for her. That is how you enter to win.
I am making her several birthday Scrapbooks. A 12x12 and and 8x8.
Her favorite color is purple, she loves Disney ANYTHING and Christmas. I had originally wanted Purple or Disney princess. But anything birthday, baby, little girl, dance, Christmas, Baby Winnie the Pooh (the babies on the Winnie the Pooh font cartridge) I have MANY scrapbooks to make for her. So even if you don't have kid cartridges or kid papers.... no worries. I have decided to expand the criteria for the contest. A few of my friends have asked me for ideas because they only have a few cartridges.... You can use a font cartridge to make words and just make a page with words and rectangles for pictures....
Then by December 1st please get them in the mail to me. There will be a RANDOM drawing from the pages to win ONE of those cartridges. As always I know this economy isn't the best, so there is another way to enter you can email me your entry (this means you don't have to make anything). All you have to do is send me an email with your name to be entered. That is how I will be giving away the second Cricut Everyday Cartridge. So both ways are random to win the cartridges. Here is another way to win.
The crafter who makes the BEST layout will become a full time member of my design team! I have a feeling it will be hard to pick just one (so I might pick two ;) I am going to have my local ladies help me pick the new member(s) of the team.

Want a chance to win a Cricut Cartridge every week????
With only 6 more weeks until Christmas there are only 6 more cartridges to win, so I have decided to give you more ways to win. When I post a project that was made by the design team (like up above) all you have to do is click on their blog above the picture, you will be taken to their blog. Each one that you go to and comment gives you one more chance to win the weekly giveaway. 
Every Friday I announce the winner. On Friday that begins the new countdown. When you comment Friday-Thursday 11:59pm EST those are all of the entries eligible to win. You never know which cartridge I will be giving away that week until Friday when I announce it on my blog. You must comment the day the project was posted. 

Beginning Nov 25th ALL items will be in my webstore. I have hired a few local ladies to help with shipping to make my customer service better and my shipping times. I am very happy to have new ladies added to my staff and team. With the GRAND opening of the store there will be MANY items added to the store.
So instead of just showing product images I would like to show crafted items made with the cartridges I sell. I will be giving away a Cricut Cake Machine.
So below are the cartridges that I am going to sell. What you can do to win the machine is to make something, NEW, never published, posted or shown anywhere. Make a crafted item showcasing that cartridge. Only one cartridge per project. If I pick your project to be shown in my webstore as a sample of what can be done with that cartridge you will get a 10% off coupon for the store for the rest of the year and you will be entered to win the Cricut Cake machine. The rules are it must be new and never seen by anyone else, no SVG images, only ONE cartridge used per project. No digital stamps.
You can make as MANY projects as you want. Email me your NEW project, your name, email and blog address, what cartridge you used to Contest@EricasCraftRoom In the subject of the email please name the Cricut cartridge that you used.
You need to submit your projects before December 1st.
You do not need to mail them to me, just an email with a great photo of the project. It will be published in my store and on my Website. My store and website will have its GRAND opening on November 25th. Beginning December 1st, I will slowly be adding pictures of the projects to the webstore. The final day for me to add those projects is December 23. On December 23 if you have been published on the website, you will know that you haven been entered into the drawing for the Cricut Cake machine. The winner of the machine will be announced on December 24th, and a great big Merry Christmas to you!
Those who are actually published will get the 10% off coupon. I can only publish 3 projects per cartridge.
On December 24th I will announce the winner of the Cricut Cake machine!


Here is the last 'contest' per say going on. I am showcasing 25 projects EVERYDAY in December.
That is 625 projects! They can be winter, snow, Christmas, New Year's...etc
So I need a little help with it.

Many of you know in JANUARY I will be having a design team call and taking about 15 new members. But for right now I am looking for a few members to have for a December 1-December 25th SEASONAL term. The first 25 days in December I will be showcasing 25 projects a DAY. So I need alot of help with that. So I am looking for about 50-60 people to be involved in that (in addition to my existing Design Team). You would then be responsible for posting TWO projects a week from December 1-25. From these Seasonal Design team members I will also have one or two of them stay on as a full time design team member.
Beginners are VERY VERY welcome. All I ask for beginner and advanced talent, is that when you post try to give as many instructions as possible. You MUST use cricut cartridges, no SVGs and no Digi-stamps. If you would like, you may do more than two projects a week. This is really a sign up event.
You must have your finished project emailed to me 5 DAYS in advance. With your name, blog address and a picture of the project. During this event there should be NO solicitation for sales of ANY kind. This is just to showcase your talent and blog.

How do you make the seasonal team. Email me ONE project you have made with your cricut.
Also include your name, email address and blog address.
Once you are approved your name will be on the website,  When you see your name there you may sign up for any days you would like. Remember you need to sign up for at least 2 projects a week. You may do them both on the same day or on different days. If one week you have alot going on you may take one week off and then do 4 projects on the other week. Basically over the 25 days you will be responsible for 10 projects. To sign up for the day, just comment with this information--- Also include your name, email address and blog address. Periodically I will update the blog posting with those sign ups. Once that day is full with 25 projects, no more sign ups on that day will be taken.
Tonight the sign-ups for the 25 days in December will be posted here. But remember you may not sign up until you have been approved and see your name and blog posted. 
You will need to email me a project you have made. It does not have to be a new project to apply, but they must be new projects to post. Once I have approved you, you will then be able to sign up for whatever days you would like.
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