Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunshine and Smiles needs handmade cards....

Our logo got a little facelift...
But we still do the same thing...
 If you do not know what Sunshine and Smiles is, it is a project set up to give cards to kids who are in the hospital to bring them some sunshine while they are there. We hope each card brings at least one smile to the faces of those kids who are in the hospital for whatever reason. So the cards should be FULL of bright sunny thoughts, try and take all of the happiness that you have and SQUEEZE it the card.... 

Any person can send us a request for cards to take to your local children's hospital.
Over the past 4 years we have collected over 28,000 cards for kids in the hospital.
This cannot be done on its own. We need your help.
Do you have tons of hand made cards and you don't know what to do with them?
We would love to have them.
If you love to make cards or love to bring sunshine into a hospital or a
smile to a child's face who has a health concern....
 Then send us a request and we will get some cards out to you.
I currently have about 400 cards waiting for requests.
Some answers to some questions from the past are...
 YES you can make duplicates,
You can make them with whatever you would like,
They do not need to be Cricut created,
They can be made by kids as well,
No envelopes are needed. (unless they are Mother's Day or Father's Day cards.
Please write a positive message inside the card for a child in the hospital.
A new request has been made for cards (with envelopes) for the kids to give to their parents. I love how this project has grown. With Mother's Day and Father's Day coming up those would make some great cards for kids to give to their families. (no messages needed in these. That way the children can fill in their own message.
If you make cards for the kids to give to someone, Please include an envelope.
This will help our sorting process. Thank you in advance.
We don't usually collect birthday cards, just a general everyday happy card that can be given on any normal day
There are kids of all ages, including teenagers.... so the sky is the limit as far as rules go. 
We try to NOT remind them of their illness, some are cancer patients....
so just lots of positive messages to encourage them no matter WHY they are the hospital..... 
***NEW RULE.... These MUST be from a non-smoking home.
I had a hospital reject a small batch of cards because they smelled of smoke
and were a health risk to the children. ***

If you have a local Joann fabrics near you... great place to set up FOR FREE and make some cards with your friends.
 Thank you in advance!
You can send all of these cards to
Erica Smole
1757 Liberty Dr
Akron, OH 44313

Please send any questions or requests for cards to 

Also feel free to comment here with any questions.
All requests for cards to be sent to you MUST be emailed.
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