Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Cricut Design Space Image Size Change



So if you want to change the size of an image to exactly what you want even if it is not proportional to the current design you can change the height and width of any image. First you need to UNLOCK the image in the smaller purple circle below. It looks like a BLUE LOCK, it may not be on the top right corner, so look at all four corners of your image to find the BLUE LOCK. Click it, it will then look like an UNLOCKED lock. Then on the right, go to the EDIT tab (purple arrow)  and here you can customize your width and height. Just type it in and press enter. If you want your image then to remain proportional, you can go back to the BLUE LOCK and click it again and it will go from unlocked to LOCKED.
Or between the space where you enter the numbers for the width and
 height there is a little lock there too.




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