Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Getting Stuff to stick to glitter paper

OK what is the trick to get your adhesive to stick to glitter paper?
Well the trick is that you don't stick anything to the top of the glitter paper.... You cut a "keyhole" in it for your adhesive to stick to the layer BELOW the glitter paper.
Why would you want anything to stick to glitter paper?
Well if you are creating a project like this one, where the black glitter is on the top layer... you don't need this tip. In this example the black is the glitter paper and the top layer.
 So you put adhesive on the back and stick it to the project and you have nothing to worry about.

My Cricut Craft Room

Let's just say that you wanted the Orange around the owl to be glitter paper, which is the base layer of the owl. How do you do that? Simple... cut a hole in it.  
This also works for photo matting. (See below)
I call this the "Keyhole technique"

Take your finished shape. Without the glitter paper layer attached.
Look at the area where you want to put something on top of the glitter paper (First image)
Take your glitter paper and a paper punch and punch out a shape (any shape)
As long as it will be covered by the top layers wen you finish your image.
Or fold your shape in half and cut a circle or any shape out of it...
Then unfold your image and it is ready to go.
What next?
Use adhesive on the back of your glitter paper to secure it to wherever you want it to stay...
Then apply adhesive to the back of the next layer that you want to put on it.
The idea is that there is a hole in the glitter paper and now you can use that hole for your adhesive to stick to the base.
So if you are using Design Space or Cricut Craft Room, you can put any shape in the middle of an image before you cut it out of glitter paper. Or you an do it after with a paper punch or scissors.
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