Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wednesday December 26, 2012 Card Creating WEDNESDAY – National Thank You Day, Thank you cards.

Would you guess we were going to show you cards today....
well here you go! 

Kathy used the A Quilted Christmas to make her card today.
Please visit her blog to see her entire project at

Sarah used A Quilted Christmas to make her card. To see the details please visit her blog at

It might be a Wednesday but.... 
here are some more Cards today!!!


Nadja used Folk Art Festival cartridge to create her card for today's post. For more details please stop by her blog at


Το όνομα μου Αναστασία said...

Hello! My name is Anastasia and i am from Greece! As i have seen you're a cricut expert! I bought cricut expression 2 last week and i would like to work via the ccr but it is impossible. I downloaded the application on my pc but when i make a project and press the cut button i receive a message saying "no usable devices are available". I read that maybe my machine needs a firmware update. I downloaded cricut sync software but i received the same message again. It seems like my pc doesn't recognize my cricut! I used every port of my computer, i downloaded usb drivers, i have done everything but nothing... Do you have any idea how i could resolve this problem or you know a site where i could find any informations about? i visit cricut official site but i didn't find anything... i'm so dissapointed! Thanks a lot!

Melinda said...

Hello Anastasia - I am somewhat new to Cricut and the craft room (CCR) as well. Erica has a lot of helpful information and, if you are one facebook, there is a Cricut Craftroom users page with a lot of people who can add helpful advice. I have learned a lot from that page. Hope this helps.

Melinda Strange
Huntsville, TX

Το όνομα μου Αναστασία said...

Thanks a lot Melinda!
You're very kind!
Have a happy new year!!!

Dawn Saavedra said...

Hi Anastasia, My name is Dawn, what version of windows are you runnnig?

Το όνομα μου Αναστασία said...

Hi! i'm running windows 7 (64 bit)