Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Would You Ever Guess Wednesday September 21, 2011

Welcome to Wednesday!!!
I have a few things for you first then, the Design Team has some great creations to share with you....

This weekend's Blog Hop Winner of the Your Story Machine, Trimmer, and Accessories is....

vick6740 said...
I had so much fun!! I am ready to craft away! I needed the inspiration! So glad i decided to join your blog hop! Everyone had so much talent!
Vicki, email me to claim your prize!!!

I have decided to extend$12 Tuesday Cricut Cartridge Sale to today :)
There are several Cricut Cartridges for only $12, in limited quantities, while supplies last.
I also have only 2 Damask Decor Cartridges in stock for only $22

I have also updated inventory and what is shipping to me.... Chic and Scary and Simply Scarecrow should ship to me the last week of September. So those you have placed their orders already, yours will ship as soon as it is in my hands, There are only 2 Simply Scarecrow Cartridges from my order that no one has purchased, so there are 2 Simply Scarecrow Cartridges for $22 and free shipping on them Please order your Pre-Order items separately to get the free shipping, this way the rest of your order will not be held waiting for the pre-order items to come in.  You can click on the pictures and it will take you to the webstore to order :)

I also have 9 Chic and Scary Cartridges that are scheduled to ship to me the last week of September, They are $25 with free shipping, this will go WITH Simply Scarecrow you MAY order these two together if you would like as they will ship to me together.

If you are a Teresa Collins Fan I also put
Sophisticated on sale today for only $35!!
Please do NOT order it with PRE-Order items, as it will not ship until all items are in stock.

There are a limited amount Scandinavian Christmas Cards available, but once they sell out, I will not get anymore in.... They are expected to follow the same pattern as Chic and Scary.... Low quantity at first, then sell out, then they will get more in a month or more lately (this is speculation, but they are usually right when this happens) You may Pre-order it for $25 with FREE shipping to USA. International postage will apply though. If you do order Scandinavian Christmas Cards as a PRE-ORDER, please order it by its self, so it will not hold up your other items from being shipped.

Also don't forget about my Countdown to Christmas, a Cricut Cartridge a week giveaway, ONLY 14 more weeks!!!! I am so excited. Well I was finished with my Daughter's Christmas presents on January 2nd of this year.... Seriously. She likes American Girl stuff and as soon as the new Doll of the year comes out I order right away. I actually use whatever money from Christmas I have left to take care of the next year's Christmas.... BUT her Birthday is also in December (We are having a special Princess Bella Blog Hop December 10-11 to celebrate)
So I am done with Christmas and halfway done with her birthday :) Now she keeps adding to the list. So I now have to have a little money on reserve for the week of Christmas to run around like every other parent to get that ONE item that is sold out everywhere, that our child MUST HAVE!!! Last year was the first year I had that problem.... but it wasn't a problem.... she wanted the Plum (Purple) Expression.... Talk about a HAPPY MOMMY! She wanted her OWN Cricut!!!! To exciting for me.... Of course I had to run out and get it.... it was a little more than $50, so this year I have to either save more money or less tv, less commercials, therefore less WANTS.... There is a science to everything!

So for the countdown to Christmas what does that mean for you?????
Well EVERYTIME I post something on here, just comment below it and that is your chance to win, to increase your chance to win, make sure you comment everyday, if I have more than one post that day, comment on both. Only one comment per person per post will count. But EACH post will give you one entry. Thursday night at 11:59pm EST the entries close and I announce it Friday Morning on FESTIVE FRIDAY!!!

Secret Santa is my NEW thing. I will post something somewhere every few days to win Yesterday I commented on my own blog posting and said the next person who comments after me wins a Grey Provo-Craft Backpack,
it went to Gayle Shrader! Congrats.....
If you want to win on the Secret Santa, make sure to comment and CHECK BACK HERE, throughout the day... I might pop up and say the 3rd comment of the day wins, even though there may already be 10 comments, the winner would have already commented and might not know that they are a winner! So stay on your toes.... Secret Santa Erica will be everywhere. Maybe she will even post a free item in the webstore.... you never know.... I might announce something on facebook or the blog.... I will do something AT LEAST 3 times a week. Maybe more..... SO stay on your toes and check back daily!

Last announcement!

I am lucky enough to join the amazing Design Team of
Getting Cricky!!!
Make sure you check out the site and add her as a friend on facebook, you never know secret Santa might throw a comment on her
for you to win! GREAT GREAT things are coming.... I just have so many things going on they all take time.... But I am building and working everyday.

Here are a few stamp sets that I will be using and selling VERY soon!!!

I cannot wait to start using these!!!

Shelly Lynn
Used:  Disney's Princess Happily Ever After cartridge
I do have to say this has a special place in my heart.... My Sorority in college was Alpha Gamma Delta and our Mascot was a Squirrel! Thank you Shelly Lynn!

Yvette used A Child's Year and Elegant Cakes
Her blog is

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