Sunday, September 11, 2011

Today.... Ten years ago

Today is a day to be thankful you are alive, thankful for who you do have in your life. For the people who were in your life, remember what they mean to you. Appriciate them everyday and TELL them that you love or care about them. Count your blessing and not your problems. I know that is the harder thing to do. But you never know when your goodbye may be the last goodbye.

This day ten years ago was one of the biggest tragedies we have ever seen. I still remember where I was on this day 10 years ago. I think this day affected more than just the people who lost their life, or a loved one. Today was a day that I THINK started a terrible economic phase in our country. I did not personally know anyone who tragically lost their life or that of a loved one, BUT I DO know many people who have been affected by what this day did to our economy.
     Some people think that the excessive loans which began in Florida was a big part of the economic crisis that we are all experiencing. I don't know a single person who was NOT affected by this terrible state that our economy is in. I feel as though this day ten years ago is a major part of our economic crisis. So might not have known a person who lost their life on this day, 10 years ago.... but I do know many people who are still feeling the effects of what this day ten years ago did. It is unfortunate HOW MANY people were affected by this day ten years ago. I do hope and pray that our country may get over this huge hurdle and that we can recover our economy and help all of us get through this.
     In remembrance of those who lost their life by working in NYC in the World Trade buildings, those on the planes, those on the ground, those who missed their flights, those who fought on the plane in PA, those who went into the buildings to save people, those who never got a chance to say goodbye....  I do think and pray for those people today..... Also any and all who have been affected by this tragedy in anyway, that I have not mentioned yet, I pray for them all. 
       BUT, my biggest prayer and heart goes out to those, who never got to say goodbye, and those who said the wrong thing, or were upset with or had a disagreement with someone that they lost. I know there were so many people who lost their lives and so many people who were affected by this day. But I personally feel the worst for those who will be mad at themselves for the rest of their life because they may have said something they shouldn't or may have been upset with a person they lost, or even those who were upset or said something that they really didn't mean.... For those who can never take back what they said, or for those who can never say I am sorry or I love you or I forgive you..... today MY HEART goes out to those who wish ever day of their life that if they had it to do all over again they would have changed so many things.....
    So to everyone in this entire WORLD who has been effected by this day ten years ago, my heart and prayers goes out to ALL of you, even more for those who wish they would have said or done something different that day. My Heart and prayers to you and all who are thinking about loved ones today.... and everyday.

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