Thursday, September 29, 2011

Theme Day Thursday September 29, 2011 Cricut Circle Cartridges

Today the Design Team has used the Cricut Circle Cartridges to make thier projects.....

First I will show you what they have made,
then below there is some more information about the Cricut Circle!

Gayle used Shall we dance & French Manor.

Connie used Car Decals & Elegant Edges

Yvette used French Manor

Tracy used Everyday Cricut Cartridge

All about the Cricut Circle.... from my point of view.  

       Most people THINK they cannot afford a Cricut Circle membership. I would first like to start by saying... I do not work for Provo-Craft or Cricut, my facebook, blog and website are just from my mind and what myself and my design team can do with our Cricut Machines. I am a Cricut Circle member and I love it. I have a found a few ways to break it down and make it more affordable.
    I have to tell you my favorite Circle cartridge is the Everyday Cricut Cartridge, LOVE IT! Now some of the circle members did not like the cartridges that they got, so Cricut DOES listen and changed the format for the upcoming year. Now instead of having a name, they will be Cricut Circle Year 2 volume 1,2,3,4. Year 2 Quarter One cartridge is Called Sophie. The new ones sypically an imagine, font, tag, card, so they will have features for EVERYONE, whether you are a card maker, scrapbooker, cake decorator or just a paper crafter, the new cartridges will have something for everyone. Below are some samples of the images from several of the Cricut Circle cartridges.
So, before you say you cannot afford it, think about this....
On average I pay about $55 per cartridge from PLUS as a circle member you get 10% off of EVERY order you place at, PLUS you get reward points for your purchase and then the reward points in your cartridges that you purchase. So you get double reward points for every cartridge you buy.
   Now Cricut has done a wonderful thing and instead of paying the whole year at once. You can pay quarterly, if you are having a financial rough time, on the quarterly payments, you can always cancel for that quarter, then start again later. I am sure they would not like everyone to do that, but they have made it nice to have that option. There is NO start up fee. It is a quarterly membership and you get a free Circle exclusive cartridge every 3 months. You cannot buy these cartridges.
    You get a special monthly Cricut Circle on-line magazine with free design files to go with your cartridges. You get invited to special Cricut Circle events, crops, and meet-ups. At these events.... they always have drawings and free items that you get. At the first Cricut Circle event that I went to I got  3 beautiful Cricut Circle Silk scarves. They also had a drawing and there were about 50 of us there and they gave away about 45 prizes to the Circle members. The second Cricut Circle Event I went to Ricki (on the Design team) won a Cricut Imagine machine!!! I was able to purchase thsoe cute little Cricut Toys there too! That was 2 months ago, now the toys are on to purchase. So as circle members we were able to purchase them 2 months ahead of everyone else.
    You get acces to the Cricut Circle Blog and you get to sneak peek of the Hello Thursday (the third thursday of each month when Cricut Announces the new releases) The Circle blog calls it WOW Wednesday, the day before they are released to the public. I also purchased two of the awesome Cricut Circle Cuttlebug embossing folders. You cannot purchase these unless you are a member of the Cricut Circle. They are very cute.
   On the Cricut Circle Blog, there are SO many amazing projects with the new and older cartridges. I have seen some of the most amazing projects made with other cartridge and it makes that older cartridge back up into my current top 5 cartridges. It gives the EXACT cartridge, what image it is, what size it is, how to do it, what paper was used, what techniques were used! ALSO they give you the files so you dont have to do the work, it has all of the right sizes and everything on the file for you, you dont even have to figure out which key to press and which size to make them it! On the Circle message boards, members share what they have made with the cartridge and how they did it. It is great!!! I have 'scraplifted' many of the projects and ideas from there. It is a great place to get inspiration when you are in a creative rut. .... So is my facebook :) There is a wonderful group of creative crafters, who bring positivity, encouragement regardless of level of talent, and great ideas to 'scraplift.'
     So from my point of view, the Cricut Circle is somewhat affordable if you break it up into quarterly payments and if you already purchase one cartridge every 3 months anyway. The quarterly price was $79.99, this year it is $69,99 and you get a free EXCLUSIVE cartridge, that most people pay over $100 for on online auction websites (e-b*y). Well I am already typically paying AT LEAST $55 per cartridge, so you are paying an extra $15 for all of the other perks AND 10% off of every order, Circle events, DOUBLE reward points, you get them when you make a purchase PLUS the ones that come in your cartridge, the monthly Circle Magazine, cricut/gypsy files, the circle events, the Cricut circle blog and exclusive Circle message boards.
   Did I mention that the 3rd Thursday of each month Cricut has Hello Thursday, the monthly new cartridge release? Well as a Circle member you get WOW WEDNESDAY! We get to see them all the day before AND the most amazing and creative examples of projects that Cricut has made from the new cartridges. I LOVE what they do with the cartridges. I think the Circle design team truly showcases the best features of each of the new cartridges, the day before anyone else gets to see the images from the cartridges! If you do not want to do the monthly payment you can join for $199 this year there will be even more perks for this upcoming year! 
    I do not work for Provo-Craft or Cricut, my facebook, blog and website are just from my mind and what myself and my design team can do with our Cricut Machines.
   Here is the link to sign up or read more about the Cricut Circle!  ( I dont make any money or anything by you signing up, I just put the link there if you want to look into it yourself.)




Connie Layman said...

I'm a new circle member and agree the benefits are great! So happy we don't have to commit for a full year and paying by the quarter doesn't break the bank! Thanks for sharing the graphics of each cartridge!

Debbie said...

thanks for the information on the circle and thanks for the projects truly enjoy everything
upnurse at aol dot com

gshrader said...

Love being a circle member!!! Just joined in august and so far am so happy!!

~Miss Sandra~ said...

Thank you for the Cricut Circle info. I love all the cartridges shown today. They're on my wishlist!

Newbie2crafting said...

I have French Manor and Sophie.. Love the projects!


KAT said...

i'm a circle member also, and i dont use the perks to their full potential. i am a bad person! but now that i know there are files i can use, i may just have to check them out. thanks for the useful information.

Josie0602 said...

I am in my second year in the Circle and I love the newer cartridges. I wasnt crazy about French Manor or Shall We Dance but I love Pop Up Neighborhood and Sophie! I got to go to a meet up and had a lot of fun! I love the message board and really enjoy being in the Circle!

Kris Dietz said...

Love the projects the design team has come up with. I am a fairly new circle member and am loving the benefits so far. Keep hoping they will have a get-together near me (Rhode Island) so I can really enjoy the fun!

dietzrobles at yahoo dot com


Great projects!! i would love to sign up for the cricut circle but money is tight right know, maybe next year!
Thanks for all the info

Amy E said...

Thanks for all the info! I'm curious though...I used the link you provided and found the quarterly special for $69.99, but couldn't find the yearly special for $199.00. The yearly sign up still shows $249.00 whether you're new or renewing. Am I missing something somewhere?

amyis300 AT hotmail DOT com

Bunnyfreak said...

I think you might have confused the $199 renewal special for charter member with the current cost to enroll yearly for the circle. Unless there is a special that you know of.

jennyplace2 said...

Thanks for the information, it just might be worth looking into.

cema1cema said...

Really cute projects today!! I so would love to become a circle member. Thanks for the information! Christina

Pink Polka Dot Scrapping said...

Wow;I am not a memeber as of right now but reconsidering! Thanks for the great info.
Ladies....LOve your projects great job!

Claire said...

You made a great case. Ive been on the fence but after reading your blog post and seeing the great projects created, I just purchased the quarterly. Great that it was on sale making the total quarterly price that much closer to the yearly price.

Brenda said...

thanks so much for the info Erica!! I joined at the end of August. I am still waiting for my package to arrive! I also took advantage of the rewards to get the Cricut Everyday and Just dance cartridges. our free one with member ship is French Manor. I am so excited!! I love all your posts, projects, tips and tricks! thanks again for sharing your love of crafting with us!

Alisha said...

That sounds really cool thanks for sharing all of your ideas with us. this is amazing.

Liz said...

Great projects today ladies, not a circle member and not considering it at this point, maybe sometime in the future