Friday, September 9, 2011

Mommy and Me, "Bellarina" September 8, 2011

Here was Bella's FIRST dance class, what a cutie....

It was also great for me to see her dance, as I did when I was younger.  But I know she is not me and needs to try and do things on her own and make her own mistakes..... but I will always be there when she makes great choices and mistakes, equally. After all I was her age once..... That worries me.... I know what she will be like in 15 years..... VERY VERY VERY strong feet to stand our ground, right, wrong or indifferent.... JUST LIKE ME.... and that scares me, but we are all human. As perfect as we want our children and want to dress them up....etc.  We have to remember, they ARE kids, and need to act like KIDS! WE are the ones who need to remember to take time out of our busy 'professional' day and be silly!

Here was our Mommy and Me time stretching

She gave a me a look that said "look at me Mommy, aren't you proud?"

Her new Friend!

Both of them making perfect poses, one foot each!

This was Bella introducing her new friend

Here she is just being BELLA!

YES, she is 3 and sometimes they just need to act like they are 3!

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