Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Preview of Cricut Craft Room

   So today I got my e-mail from Cricut to try the Beta version of the new software, Cricut Craft Room. This is very funny to me because this is what my blog is about, the name Everything Cricut was taken. So I have decided that almost everything in my craft room is Cricut, what better can I name it than, Cricut Craft Room. I am so excited to try this program out. I got the e-mail as a member of the Cricut Circle. SO many people wonder what the perks are other than the 4 cartridges a year... Just wait and see, I will tell you all about the benefits in another post. I get to try the new software because I was randomly chosen as one of the Circle members to get to test out the program before it is officially launched. I would like to answer any one's questions that they have about the software. For example can you create files on your computer with Cricut Craft Room and send them to your Gypsy and visa-versa. YES you can. There is also only 2 computers that you will be able to cut from, but you can get into your account and create from ANY computer. You just have to save your files then from one of your 2 authorized to cut computers, cut them. Which means I can work on my designs and layouts from my sister's house, then I can come home and log back into my account and cut them from my computer that is linked to my Cricut Craft Room account. Hopefully this has answered a question about the 2 computer limit. It is 2 computers to cut from, but unlimited computers to create layouts and projects! Happy Cricuting!
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