Friday, February 25, 2011

Page Development

Just wait, this website will be your #1 favorite this year. I am developing this blog to have all of the best websites, cheapest prices, coupons, tips and tricks and everything else that you could want to know about how to use your cricut machine. This website is my personal opinion, therefore I cannot be held liable for any comments posted or misconstrued. Any posts to this must follow proper citation and credits, meaning if you comment or post a picture of something it must be your original work or must be cited by stating where the layout, or cutting file or technique came from. Such as.... my favorite stamps to use with my cricut cartridges are from These are the best, longest lasting stamps I have ever used! If I show a picture of them that I used one something I must state which cricut cartridge I used and which stamp I used and who the manufacturer is or a link to where to purchase the item. Please remember these are MY personal favorites, although everyone has their favorites... again this is my blog and I love to gain new information and if there is a great product out there, I would love to get the word out about it, this is not a place for you to market yourself, please send me a PM (Personal Message.) Also please always explain shorthand... like I just did. Most people call certain department stores by their first initial, please explain this, it has taken me such a long time to learn this jargon and I am sure other people could use the help as well. I would love to try new products and review them for people. So I will contact companies (or feel free to contact me,) about trying a new product. I will then give a pro-and con review. If I like your item I will ask to add a link so people can purchase the item from your own website... I really do not want to be the middle man. I want people who are creative to get credit for their creativity and long hard work that it takes to market and manufacture a product. I want whom ever makes the product to make a profit, but I also want to help people find the cheapest prices on items.... by me selling them, this would defeat the purpose of my website helping people save money. So I will not be a distributor of products, just distributor of information. So in the next few months during development and experimentation, be prepared to have this be the best place for information sharing a gathering! Happy Crafting
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