Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cricut Craft Room Cheat Sheet & Help Guide

I am adding onto here a 27 page guide for the New CCR. I am also developing files so each item on each cartridge will have a .cut and a  .gypsy file. These will also include the correct color codes AND for the Legacy (regular) cricut cartridge, there will be a photo of a cutting mat to show you where to place each color so you can load all of the the colors on to a mat load the paper, cut and removed paper from the cutting mat and assemble your item, no need to cut each color of paper separate. These files and paper placement guides, and the files with RGB codes are in the works as we speak and will be available soon.
Below is a sample of how to set up a cutting mat for my file for Ariel. When the actual file is posted, it will also show the final product after each part is cut from below. Right now CCR is flash based, so I cannot copy and paste ANY images from it, I am sure to prevent people from copying and adding images to one of the 'Pirate' programs SC*L or M*C. I assume that is why it is flash based and we cannot use it on our Ipad... as of now. I will be adding the other 2 views of the mat tonight, so you will be able to see a picture of the finished Ariel, the layout design for the Imagine and below the cutting mat before and after. Check back in the morning for those...

Also please ask questions and appication information that I may be able to answer here
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