Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cut files and RGB codes and cutting mat layouts for EVERY cartridge

This is a sample of the files I am creating with Cricut Craft Room
I will have a file for every item on every cartridge over the next few weeks. These will not be seen until Cricut Craft Room offically lanuches. The file will include a cricut file, once you choose your machine in CCR it will be the first one below if you have an Imagine machine or the second one if you have the traditional machine. CCR will convert it for you, and if you use an expression now and add an imagine later, the color codes will still be there later. The third picture is how to set up your mat with colored paper to load into a non-Imagine machine.

The first is a sample of the Imagine file with the correct RGB codes

The second is the file for the other Cricut machines

The third is how to set up the colors on your mat if you do not have an Imagine machine. You just place your paper on the mat, load, cut, unload and put together, no need to load the mat for each color.

These files will take several weeks to complete, and will be live with PC launches Cricut Craft Room, keep checking back as I am working on them for every image on every cartridge.
Yes, hundreds of thousands of images.
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