Tuesday, October 9, 2012

October's Giveaway & Project Sunshine and Smiles, and whats happening around the web....

To date over 11,000 cards have been made and donated to my 
Project Sunshine in Smiles from all around the world!!! 
So I have decided to incorporate Sunshine and Smiles into October's Giveaway.... So for every card that you make and send in

 for Project Sunshine and Smiles, you will get one entry. I will pick one at random to win a Cricut Cartridge of choice from my webstore.... I would love to collect at least 1,000 this month.... but I know you call can do more, last campaign was over 4,000... so only 1,000 is a piece of cake! I will provide more details later and where to mail them to. If you do not know what Sunshine and 
Smiles is, it is cards for kids whoa re in the hospital. They are cards for kids who are in the hospital to bring them some sunshine while they are there. We hope each card brings at least one smile to the faces of those kids who are in the hospital for whatever reason. So the cards should be FULL of bright sunny thoughts, try and take all of the happiness that you have and SQUEEZE it the card.... Bella wants to make Hello Kitty cards with rainbows.... What a great idea. So we are going to spend ALL DAY Saturday making cards for Sunshine and Smiles.... I have a goal of 100 for Bella and I to make.... YES you can make duplicates, you can make them with whatever you would like, they do not need to be Cricut created, they can be made by kids as well. Please write and positive message inside for a child in the hospital. There are kids of all ages, including teenagers.... so the sky is the limit as far as rules go. We do try to NOT remind them of their illness, some are cancer patients.... so just lots of positive messages to encourage them no matter WHY they are the hospital..... So.... how many do you think you can make between now and October 31??? These can be from anywhere around the world.... We have had over 20 countries and 6 continents involved in Sunshine and Smiles. So the more the merrier... Thank you in advance!

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