Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday October 20, 2014 with My Cricut Craft Room and Design Team- Shabby Chic theme

Monday October 20, 2014 with My Cricut Craft Room and Design Team- Shabby Chic theme

Today Jen Goode is sharing a pretty accessory you can create to add to any celebration. Make a floral lighted garland(she used book pages for this one)! She has designed a custom cut file collection you can use with your Cricut Explore or, get tips to use with your own favorite cut files! Read all about it on her blog: 100 Directions

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Minnie, Mickey and Me Blog Hop

Thank you for joining us on My Cricut Craft Room's Minnie, Mickey and Me Blog Hop

Today I made a Mini Album to share with you today.

I made a super simple mini album that I think anyone can make...
Here is the Design Space file that you can use to make it yourself.
The characters are all from the Mickey and Friends Cricut Cartridge.
The characters are cut at about 4 inches. The titles are all 1 1/2 inches.
Then I just cut 4x6 rectangles in each color and offset them from each other.

 THen I went through and really  "DRESSED UP" this mini album.... Check back here on Monday to see how simple embellishments can take a simple project into a SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL project! 


Come back on monday to see how I "DRESSED UP" this mini album....

Next you will go to Rebecca's Blog 

7.  Craft Lovers Come Here- 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday October 17, 2014 with My Cricut Craft Room and Design Team- Guy theme

Friday October 17, 2014 with My Cricut Craft Room and Design Team- Guy theme

Have you ever watched the show Finding Bigfoot on Animal Planet?  Cheesy I know!  It's all in good fun, and good for a laugh don't you think? It also gave me the inspiration for my latest project theme, "Guys"!

 Here it is!  A Bigfoot birthday spinner birthday card for that special BIG guy!  On the front of the card, Bigfoot will spin his way from one hiding place to another.  He really does spin wildly! On the inside it will say, Happy Birthday. I used my Cricut Explore machine and Cricut Design Space for everything in this project.

Materials needed:
Cardstock of your choice
Cricut cutting machine
A penny
Foam Dots

I used the new print then cut feature on my Cricut Explore to cut out the big guy and the trees.
 I  started by inserting the bigfoot image from the Camping Critters cartridge, and the tree images from the Everyday Pop Up Cards, and Wildcard cartridges, into Design Space.  Using the new flatten feature, I then flattened images, enabling them to print out on my printer, and sized each piece.  I printed them out on white cardstock, and then placed the cardstock with the printed images on the cutting mat, loaded them into the Explore, where they were cut out. See below. Isn't this a new fantastic feature?  They turned out so well!

Next, I sized a greeting card image from the Just Because cartridge. But you can use any card image that you have. I used a card image that had a score line already in place. I then added 2 square images, a square for the background of the spinner face, in red, and a square for the foreground of the spinner face, which is brown.  I sized the red square a little smaller than the front of the folded greeting card, seen in green below, and the brown square a little smaller than the red square. I used the slice feature to cut a horizontal window in both squares for the spinner piece to sit in.  I then folded the large card in half(the green cardstock) and then glued each square with the window to each other. The brown square sits on top of the red. Line up the little windows exactly so the spinner will spin freely. I then folded the green cardstock in half, on the scored line.

To create the slider, I used a penny, and placed the foam dot on one side of the penny.  I then placed my Bigfoot on top of the foam dot.  The foam dots are sticky on both sides. 

I also placed foam dots on the back of the square cardstock with the slider window (the brown and the red squares have been glued to each other, you can't see the brown square) so that the slider can move freely form one end to the other.  You can see in this picture that the slider is already in the  slider window.   

Next, I turned the square cardstock with the slider over, and placed it on the front of the greeting card.  Press gently so that the foam dots adhere to the front of the greeting card.  Place foam dots on the trees, making sure that the slider figure can slide easily past the foam dots, and not get caught up on them. 

Add a sentiment to the front of the card.  I used the write feature on the Explore to do this. The font I used was Simple Celerations.  I used a black pen. The front the card is now finished and your little image should be able to slide and spin from side to side.

Open the card so you can see the inside. The inside of the card says "Happy Birthday" but you can use any type of sentiment that you want.  I used the print then cut feature to cut out another Bigfoot, and used the grass image from the Wildcard cartride to make it look like Bigfoot was running though the swamp.

That's it.  You have a nifty spinner card.  Click on the link below to see it in action.

If you are having difficulties making a spinner card, there are many tutorials on youtube that are very helpful.  Just search "spinner card."

And as always, head on over to my Facebook page and become a fan.  I am always doing something fun there!  Go On!  Craft On!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thursday October 16, 2014 with My Cricut Craft Room and Design Team- Girls theme

Thursday October 16, 2014 with My Cricut Craft Room and Design Team- Girls theme

Pam made this fun watering can card using Country Life and Walk In My Garden Cricut Cartridges.  You can see the instructions and more information at P.S. I Love You Scrapbooking.

Hello Crafters
Gloria Back With Another DT Project. 
Well As We All Know It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month and The 
Theme For Gloria Project Is Girls What Perfect Timing To Pull Out A Stay Strong  and Celebrate Courage Greeting For A Friends Gloria Used Pink Journey And Paisley Cricut Cartridges. For more Details Head Over To Gloria Channel Spyrorocks346 on YouTube and Don't Forget To Subscribe For Upcoming Video.

Celebrate Courage Breast Cancer Awareness

These Sneakers Are Just To Adorable

I love This Sentiment Cancer Cannot Conquer The SPIRIT!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Cricut Iron-on Vinyl showcase.... and Project Sunshine and Smiles Card request

I had SO MUCH fun creating these projects to share with you. I am in love with the new Cricut Iron-On vinyl. I just love the adorable things that I have made with it. 
My biggest bit of advice.... don't forget to FLIP your images so that they come out correct. 
Another tip... the shiny side of the vinyl (the plastic coated side should go face down on your cutting mat)
I used Boho-Graphics to create this unique and personalized purse.
 I used Cricut iron-on glitter in black and silver. 

If you are wondering how the silver detail was done... I took the image and copy and pasted it then I moved it up and to the right a bit, so the red and black in this picture were both cut, then what you see in red was what I cut out of the silver. I put the black on first, just as the black is shown in this image.... But I cut what is RED from the silver glitter Cricut Iron-On. I intentionally did not match it up, I wanted to see the red of the purse between the black and silver vinyl for a totally unique and custom look! 
I used a Thirty-One skirt purse to add this design. I also am a consultant for Thirty-One if you just love this purse (you can change the red part of the purse to other colors) 

I didn't want to overdo it with the "Princess" thing, so here is an understated princess yet so cute!!!
I used Brooklyn Iron-On for the "photo" and Cricut Wedding for the crown. I used Kate's ABC's for the text. It is suggested NOT to put vinyl over the glitter vinyl.... I tried it and it did NOT work... however... if you layer glitter vinyl over glitter vinyl it does work!!! I was so excited for this look. I let the pink of the shirt show through so I only used silver and black glitter iron-on vinyl. 

For the shirt "Picture Perfect" and for her pants "Perfect Princess"


I thought the little crowns were a cute way to tie in the "Princess" theme.

Here is her matching headband. I added the silver behind it, just for the photo.

The original design was just the "Picture" frame. But I wanted to personalize it a bit! I LOVE using Cricut Craft Room to make exactly what I want and like no one else has made! I am happy to share it though :)

Tutorial (recap) from Erica

My biggest tip... don't forget to FLIP the design, there is a button to do so on the expression, if you are using Craft Room scroll below to see that button to FLIP. I would even recommend putting a post it note on your machine that says FLIP, that way before you load your paper/vinyl you will remember to check if it was flipped. In one evening I forgot 4 times to flip the design and wasted my vinyl.

 Here is the design that I started with in Cricut Craft Room, it is from Boho Graphics

To make it your own click on the image until the grey box appears around the design then select the HIDE CONTOUR (I circled it in purple for you)

From there you can select to hide any lines that you want.
If it is red when you click that is the line that will "disappear"
Don't worry if you make a mistake, just click that line again and it will reappear....
I just LOVE Cricut's Craft Room!!! 

After I selected all of the line that I wanted to hide I click the EXIT button right where the HIDE CONTOUR button was. 

Here is my image with the lines hidden.... 
 I flipped this design then I cut it out of Cricut iron-on lite vinyl. 

Next I went back into the HIDE CONTOUR and i hide the letters L V E then i clicked on the heart image below to make it reappear. I FLIPPED the design and cut it from the Cricut iron-on glitter vinyl. 

 Don't for get to FLIP your image before cutting. There is a purple circle around the FLIP left to right (or some people call it mirror function) 

Helpful links.....

Here are some of the links that I talked about during Ustream....

Kiss Cut Settings

Logo Placement Guide

To date over 18,000 cards have been made and donated to
Project Sunshine in Smiles from all around the world!!! 

 If you do not know what Sunshine and 
 Smiles is, it is a project set up to give cards to kids who are in the hospital to bring them some sunshine while they are there. We hope each card brings at least one smile to the faces of those kids who are in the hospital for whatever reason. So the cards should be FULL of bright sunny thoughts, try and take all of the happiness that you have and SQUEEZE it the card.... 
 YES you can make duplicates, you can make them with whatever you would like, they do not need to be Cricut created, they can be made by kids as well. Please write a positive message inside the card for a child in the hospital. There are kids of all ages, including teenagers.... so the sky is the limit as far as rules go. 
We try to NOT remind them of their illness, some are cancer patients.... so just lots of positive messages to encourage them no matter WHY they are the hospital..... 
These can be from anywhere around the world.... 
We have had over 25 countries and 6 continents involved in Sunshine and Smiles. 
So the more the merrier... Thank you in advance!

You can send all of these cards to
Erica Smole
1757 Liberty Dr
Akron, OH 44313

Questions to 

Wednesday October 15, 2014 with My Cricut Craft Room and Design Team- Anything Family Theme

Wednesday October 15, 2014 with My Cricut Craft Room and Design Team- 
Anything Family Theme

Rebecca did a fun family inspired set of team shirts  for the Anything Family theme today. 
You can check out more of Rebecca's project @ Mommiedom:

I used 21 different Cartridges on Bella's shirt (the white one) 
I used 23 different cartridges on my shirt (the pink one)
Among those cartridges used I also used ......
I used just regular shirts from Walmart.
I used Black Gillter Cricut Iron-on, 
Silver Gillter Cricut Iron-on, 
Pink Gillter Cricut Iron-on and
White Cricut Iron-on Lite.

To name a few Cricut Cartridges used....
Storybook, Wall Decor and More, Sophie, Creative Memories Divine Wedding. Close To My Heart Cricut Artiste, Close to My Heart Cricut Art Philosophy, Close to My Heart Cricut Artbooking, Mini Monograms, Cricut Everyday, Pet Shop, Hannah Montana. Once Upon a Princess, Sweetheart, Art Deco, Iron-on Brooklyn Graphics, Ribbons and Rosettes, Outdoor Man, Varsity Letter, Creative Memories Total Sports, Kate's ABCs, Wall Decor and More, Cricut Everyday, Baby Steps, Creative Memories Tiny Treasures, Rock Princess, Teresa Collins Sophisticated, Suburbia, When I was a Kid, and a few more....


Here is my version of a not so matchy/matchy Mother-Daughter set of t-shirts.
I used Kate's ABC's for the text with the pink cricut iron-on lite vinyl.
I used Cricut iron-on glitter in silver with Kate's ABC's for the "&" sign.
 I used Cricut iron-on glitter in black with Cricut Boho-Graphics for the "mother/daughter" whales.