Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sunshine and Smiles Cards for St. Jude's Children's Hospital Blog Hop

Welcome to our blog hop.
We are making cards for a great cause!
Click from one blog to another and you will see what we have made for the children at St. Jude's Hospital.
After you see what we have made, maybe you can help and make a card or two. you can even buy a blank cards and put stickers on it... THAT IS IT, and that will make the day of on child who is spending a great deal of time in the hospital. in the smallest way you can really make the biggest difference for ONE child. Tell me that is not worth it.

ONE card, ONE child, ONE stamp.

That's it and you can make a buge difference and bring a smile to the face of a little one!
We have over 5 contininents, 10 countries, working on this project. We are trying to make 5,000 cards. That is so many I only have commitments of 200 cards. We have a long way to go to July 9th!
You can sign your name in the card, put your email in it, just write HELLO, anything you want. These will be given to the child/family with PROJECT SUNSHINE AND SMILES on it and a special website where they can 'meet' come of you. This is from a world-wide crafting group! Please tell a friend, a church, a social group, a co-worker... anyone you know to help our cause and to make a difference and bring a smile to the face of one precious little one. Babies, toddlers, grade-school kids, teenagers.... all ages of children. One card will make the difference for one child.... isn't that worth a few seconds of your time to make thier day brighter. Please look and see what we have made and if you would like see how you can help.

THANK YOU!!! Happy Hopping!
We will have a few more blogs to add to this hop, so check back over the weekend as the list below will grow.

The next stop is.....

If you get lost, this may help you...

then see Charlotte's blog for the link to blog candy.
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