Saturday, December 28, 2013

Bella's Birthday!!

Yes it is that time of year again ... Bella turned 6 this year!!! I cannot believe it... six just seems like such a jump. Five was still a toddler in my mind and now she seems like she is just coming into her own and she has become her own little person and makes her own choices.
So for her birthday party we were going to have it at Build-A-Bear and I was assuming a teddy bear theme, well you can see above "Bella's Little Party" was a my little pony themed party.
I made my own paper, which I was a bit proud of. However at 11:00 at night I was wondering about one of the ponies... was it a boy or a girl??? It looked like a boy so I put it on the boy paper... HOWEVER when I so proudly showed Bella the next morning (I WAS SO PROUD OF IT) She said "Mommy Zecora is a girl and she is on the boy paper." A minor pin in my balloon, I felt like I disappointed her and I already printed the papers, so I WAS NOT wasting all of the printer ink that I used to print twenty-- 12x12-- full color -- best quality papers. Below are the papers that I made. I made girl paper and "boy" paper. Then I changed the background color so I had pink and purple girl papers and blue and yellow "boy" papers. So if you download these papers, please note, the "boy" papers have TWO girl ponies.
Then I used My Creative Time Dies to cut out the sucker favors and tags for them....  I also used a 1" punch and I made my own "bottle cap" images for the favors.
Here is how cute they came out and pictures of the table set up and the party itself...
I hope you enjoy the share into "Bella's Little Party."

Here was the inside of the invite...
I edited out the personal information.
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