Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hello Thursday- Chalkboard Fonts and ProvoCraft Sponsored giveaway of Chalkboard Fonts Digital Cartridge

This week.....
Provo Craft is giving away the digital version of 
NEW! Cricut Chalkboard Fonts. 
Just comment right here on this blog and a winner will be picked from from ONLY you who comment here on this blog!!! 

Cricut® Everyday Cartridge, Chalkboard Fonts

The Chalkboard Fonts cartridge gives you the distinctive look of hand lettering. Featuring three different fonts, this cartridge lets you make “custom” lettering for invitations, signs, wall décor, and more. The script, extended, and condensed fonts all include shadows, bonus letters, flourishes, and ligatures. Give your invitations, signs, wall décor, and more the look of hand lettering with this on-trend cartridge.

·         Use with all Cricut® machines
·         Font cartridge with three different fonts
·         Also includes bonus words, shadows, and flourishes

·         Ideal for creating invitations, signs, and other projects

I used the new Chalkboard Fonts to create all of today's cards....
I also used Divine Wedding to create this first card. The rings and "invitation were cut at 2.5" 
I used the Second and third fonts (Scripts and Extended as well as the shadows of each) on
 Cricut® Everyday Cartridge, Chalkboard Fonts t 2" to make this card. 

This was the first font (Condensed and Condensed Shadow) on Cricut® Everyday Cartridge, Chalkboard Fonts at 2"
I used TPC papers to make this card

The black paper on the left is Bo Bunny Double Dot. The grey paper on the right is Echo Park Essentials Elegant paper. 

This is TPC paper for the background and Doodlebug paper for the chevron design paper.

This is the last font (Extended) on the Cricut® Everyday Cartridge, Chalkboard Fonts
I used Doodlebug papers for this card. I also used Holiday Tags and frames for the "bottle cap"

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Just comment what you would make with this BRAND NEW Cricut Cartridge... for Provo Craft's Sponsored giveaway of this new cartridge in the digital version. 

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To clear up any confusion...comment here on this blog to win the ProvoCraft Sponsored Digital version of the new Cricut Chalkboard Fonts Cartridge....

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