Sunday, September 23, 2012

Rumors.... Cricut Imagine

OK so I have heard the same story 5 different ways now and all 5 of them could not possibly all be true, because they are all different

I do know they are still really working on the CCR and 

Imagine issue....  SO instead of boycotting and bashing  PC, be an advocate for positivity

 and let them know you want them to keep working on  it.....

In the meantime.... 
If you would like to use your imagine with CCR. I have done my printing with with the imagine and then used the same file to cut the images out with ANY other machine with a 12x12 cutting mat. Not the quickest method.... but it works.  
You can use the imagine items and cut them on ANY machine. You do not need to have an Imagine or E2 to use Imagine Cartridges.... You can do it with ANY Cricut with a 12x12 mat. 

I have heard many things this weekend about the Cricut Imagine. So I have set up this forum, instead of bashing Provo-Craft, be an advocate of positivity and instead of putting them down, express why they should listen and help to improve the Imagine, instead of getting rid of it (like the rumors are being spread about it) True or not..... Let's let Provo Craft know that we DO love our Imagine and would love if they keep making the Imagine and Cartridges for the Imagine. 

I will obviously be sharing this post with my contacts at Provo-Craft..... 

In a POSITIVE way express your wants,

 when it comes to the Imagine machine..... 

No bashing or boycotting allowed around here. Please take the time to express in a positive way why you want  Provo Craft to keep working on and improving on our Cricut Imagine machines. 
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