Saturday, September 29, 2012

My concept to FINALLY share!!!

I am so excited.... 
I am SO proud of myself!!!!! 

When I was in Utah in July I was a 
guest at Provo-Craft.
 I have always loved the company and everything that they stand for. It is a small company that you would think has several thousand employees, but actually has less than 200! It is amazing how many people you would think do all of the work that we see and help us to craft. 

I had spent 2 days there with the Vice-Presidents, CEO and tech staff, as well as some who do graphic design, the actual paper crafting and basically everyone who works there! They were such wonderful hosts to myself and my daughter. While I was there I was a 'crafter' an actual person who sits down with the handbook and wanted to create something. It totally simplified things how I would teach my daughter (4 years old) and my Grandma (we can say 70+ years old) 
I wanted to convey to them what crafters think about from the time they see and image that they want to the time that it takes to make it. 

Most people see a cute... PIG and just want to make the Pig and put it on a card. They might not want to learn all about Craft Room and everything else. They just want to ENJOY making a card with a pig on it! VERY SIMPLE. I think people like myself (and the tech people there, over analyze things) Sometimes we just need to take a step back and make it OVERLY simple. No one I know wants to spend an hour trying to figure out HOW TO make the pig..... They just want to make the pig! 

My first suggestion was for those who have never used Craft Room have a video pop up and just get them started (they have that now) 
Next the man who does programming with Craft Room showed me an app in his I-phone to make a card. He finds the shape he wants, clicks on the picture he wants, moves it into the window and for $1.99 it is printed and MAILED to the recipient..... I said why can't you do that.....  
Let's say in Create a Critter, i just want to make the pig. I want a ONE TOUCH button to make the silly little pig! Why can't craft room do that. I also suggested to make it in color so we knew what  each part of it looked like in color. SO........
I hope you have seen the single images or small groups of images that you can get instead of the entire cartridge. Other die cutting machines allow you to buy ONE image.... I said why can't Provo-Craft do that.... SO............ here it is!!!
I might not always have paper crafts to show..... 
but this is why.....
I would rather teach than to just display! 

In this first view you can see the little pig there called CAC-5 And he is there in all of the correct colors.... no thinking needed! The light purple ring shows you what to click on to make the images bigger so you can see them better :) 

Here is the smaller pig, click at the light Purple circle to make the images bigger (this works on all cartridges not just those in color right now. 

So just click on the pig and drop it on the virtual cutting mat. 
There is my cute little pig in COLOR!!!! 


 Now click on it the see the grey box around it. at the bottom of that is a green box that says 
EDIT IMAGE. Click on it. 

Then on the far right click SEPARATE 

You will then see it expands it all out into each of the colors that you will need to cut. 

Next select UNGROUP.  

Then I love the pieces around so I can put a 6x6 piece of paper in each square

I like to have the image cut as the base for me to build on as well. 
So I added another piggy to my mat. 

Then I select what machine I am using. I was currently using the IMAGINE, you do not have to cut with the Imagine..... but that is how you can see and work with the colors.  Then you can see my purple circle on the left where I selected Expression as my machine that I wanted to cut with.  

Now you can see it took away all of my pretty colors and instead of printing in color, it will now just cut. BUT at a later time if I want to go and use the Imagine.....  You can always go to the Machine and Mat section and select IMAGINE, and it will put your color back in! 

There is it, this was ONE of the things I proposed while I was there.... and they did it!!!!!
I am so proud of myself and that I can share all of this with you. I hope I spoke for many crafters and that this concept will make your Cricut crafting easier and less frustrating!!! 


Here is also the link to help you if you want to learn more about Cricut Craft Room

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SO CUTE!!!! 

FROM THIS SUMMER>>>>>> July posting.....

How great of a Cartridge Handbook would this be????

Well I am headed to Provo Craft now for this below. My proposal for the handbooks. I have many of them done. Wouldn't you LOVE to see all handbooks done like this so you know EXACTLY how to make each image? Wouldn't you use your Cricut more?
Wouldn't you buy more cartridges if they were all this easy to see HOW to put it together???
Please comment on this post as this post is going to Provo- Craft and they can see your feedback!!!
This shows you which color of paper to use and which buttons to press.

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