Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Giveaway Newest Lite Cartridges only $39.99 on Cricut.com

Newest Lite Cartridges.....

$39.99 on www.cricut.com

This week I am giving away the Teddy Bears on Parade and
next week I will be giving away the Trick or Treat Cartridge

How do YOU win one of these??? Just comment on the daily posts here each day. Each post gives you one entry.
Winners are picked at random
(they are actually picked by my daughter and I playing letter/color/and number games :)

Children around the world

Teddy Bears on Parade

Dino Play

Trick or Treat

Pirates and Mermaids

Cricut Mini Books

Handbook ------ Click to order for only $24.99

Cricut Frame of Mind

Ideas -------------Handbook -------- Click to order for $24.99

Cricut Team Spirit

Handbook ------- Click to order for only $34.99

Cricut Tablescapes Fall & Winter

Ideas ----- Handbook ----- Click to Order for only $24.99

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