Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My blog hop projects....

Here are my projects from my other blog from this weekend's blog hop.
I made this cute little bird house with my Daughter.
We got the wooden birdhouse for $1.99 at Jo-Ann Fabrics.
The patterned paper is all Pebbles, The silver is Best Creations.

I used Pretty Pennants and cut this at 2"

I used Divine Twine for the Red, White and Blue twin around the bottom and edges.
I used Star Dust Stickles to decorate the fence and the end of the bird perch. I also wrapped twine around the perch.

I used this lighting to show you how sparkly this is! Star Dust stickles... my favorite.

Here is a close up of the twine on the edge of the roof

Here is how the paper was cut for the hole and how twine is wrapped around the pearch.

Here is a close up of the 2 Cricut made Pennants. Cut at 2"

This next project is more of a tutorial than anything.
It is a solution to getting adhesive on those tie letters that the Cricut makes. If you don't have the ability to weld letters to make words.... here is some help for those tiny little letters

Here is my super simple card. I cut the tea pot border at 3" and Lumiere at 3" as well. I took part of the border and put it on top of itself. The card was not wide enough for the border.

I used Elegant Cakes for the font and font shadow. I cut it at 2 1/2"
I used Best Creations Once Upon a Dream collection of papers.

So here is craft room how my letters should look BUT I want an easy way to apply adhesive. So I take my design and select all of the words/letters and on the top right there is a button called FLIP vertical, and it does exactly that. See the next image....

Here you can see how I reversed it. Now I am ready to cut... YEP. After I cut it, I LEAVE the excess paper around me wirds. I then take a tape runner and apply adhesive to the BACK of all of the letters, THEN I remove the paper around my letters, then they have adhesive and are ready to go! Don't forget to put the pretty side of that paper DOWN on your mat. Other wise your back side of the paper will be the front. So don't forget to flip your design AND your paper. I hope this helps with those tiny letters and pieces.

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