Friday, May 4, 2012

Scrapbook Friday May 4, 2012 and a Tutorial from Erica

So much planned for this weekend!!!
Tomorrow's 100 Cricut cartridge blog hop! GREAT projects and we cannot wait to share them with you.
Today's projects were all about indulgence. Chocolate and Cocktails!

KathyJo used Don Juan and Lyrical Letters to create this coffee layout. Please visit her blog at for details

Heather E. used Life is a Beach and Luau cartridges to created this intoxicated layout. To see her entire project please visit

I answered a question that I saw on facebook today and decided to share it with you all.....

Someone asked about creating a shadow for an item. They wanted to know if they are cutting at 4" for they need to make the shadow larger. I would love to quickly explain this.... I will also tell you what real dial size is, in the process.
First real dial size, what is it and when to use it.
The Cricut is automatically set with real dial size OFF. What this means is that your Cricut will AUTOMATICALLY make your items proportional to your finished size image.
So if you are making Mickey Mouse, I always cut my characters at 4" otherwise the eyes and everything is WAY TOO SMALL. I cut them all at 4" because I will cut a full sheet of each piece. I then keep them in a baggie labeled. So the next time I want one of them, I already have many of the pieces needed. Instead of putting each color of paper each time, and cutting only one from it, then I end up with paper with missing pieces and then they get caught on each other in my scrap drawers.... so I just cut a full sheet of it and then throw the little bit of scraps away.

I used crazy colors for the tutorial I will refer to each layer by the color.

Here is the finished die cut....

Here are all of the individual colors. I have the size set to 4"
The cricut knows to make each item proportional to the finished 4" size. You dont have to do anything, it does it on it's own.

Now this is Real Dial Size ON.... instead of proportionally. The cuts each item at the REAL size.
This is helpful if you want a title or image to be large. In this example if I wanted the star at 4" it would do it. But if I wanted the words at 4" to use for a title or something, I would have to turn REAL DIAL SIZE ON. Then it will cut in the REAL size that I want. Each item here is 4" so you can see how different it is

Here is how i would cut the images out and use a full sheet of card stock and have some of the die cut ready for the next time I need it.

Do you have trouble with adhesive on the tiny little pieces that the cricut cuts??
Here is what I do.... I FLIP the image (s) cut it and while it is still on the cutting mat, I apply my adhesive with a tape runner. Then I remove the excess paper around the words then I just use my tweezers and pick up the small pieces already with adhesive on them.
Here is the images flipped

Here are the words with the shadow feature on the cartridge. But what if your cartridge does not have a shadow?

If it does not have a shadow feature...... here is what most people do.... They cut the words at 4" and then again at 4 1/4" but as you see below it doesn't work very well....

If it does not have a shadow and you don't want it to look weird.... Cut 2 of the image out at the SAME SIZE. Then the bottom of the two images, move slightly left or right and then slightly up or down. Depending on which direction you want the shadow to show.

I hope this helped someone. Have a wonderful weekend!
I hope you will hop with us tomorrow on our 100 Cricut cartridge blog hop!

Yesterday's winner is
Kathy SalidoMay 3, 2012 03:33 PM
Love all the projects today, and some of the ladies had some really inspiring messages in their posts. Kathy
FB Name: Kathy Salido

So here are the rules for the 31 days of $31 giveaways.....
Each day make ONE comment with your name, facebook name and blog address....
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I will pick a name from the comments, then go and look at your blog, if you were picked for that day and have the blinkie YOU WIN!
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Jessica said...

Wow, love the tip about flipping the image for purpose of adding adhesive...genius! sSo many times I struggled with this and tore small pieces! Not anymore . . .TFS!
Congrats Kathy!
Jessica S
FB: Jessica Shelton

lisacustomscrapbooking said...

Thanks 4 the tips. I love the ladies projects.

TeresaK said...

Great tip! Iwill add my project once I have a computer!

rlovew said...

Thanks for the nice tutorial and explaination. The pages today are cute.

silvia said...

Love the featured pages!!
Thanks for a great tutorial!!

FB Silvia Haynes

Jodie R said...

You are brilliant! I love the tip about the adhesive. So smart!!

Jodie Ruiz

Fb: jodie fotland ruiz

angie ashuk said...

I was just having this problem yesturday! good to know:)

Bunnyfreak said...

Erica, I havn't seen the list for the cartridge hop tomorrow. Don't know what day I am on.

jordanbev5 said...

Thank you for the tutorial!

Jenn's Paper Crafts said...

Thank you Erica for the Real Dial Size tutorial!!!


Jenn Lorist

Josie0602 said...

Love the projects shown today. The tips for the Real Dial Size were great and I really love the idea about flipping the image and then adding the adhesive! How cool!


cema1cema said...

Thanks for the great tip on shadowing when your cartridge doesn't have the feature! This will be very helpful! Christina Capps

Sarah said...

Great tip on using shadows. I may have to try that flip idea next time I am making a bunch of little stuff. congrats to Kathy on her win!

Rhonda Miller said...

Thanks for the information. I'll have to check the Real Dial Size thing because my layer NEVER cut right.

Kathy Salido said...

Woo Hooo, I won!! Great project Kathy Jo and Heather. Erica,
Thanks for the tutorial on shadows!!
FB Name: Kathy Salido

Doris P. said...

thanks for sharing this project idea..
Doris parker
FB name - Doris parker

mamawcindy said...

Oh, I wish I had known a few days ago about how to make a shadow. I just finished making a Card.I just made the shadow a little larger.It's not quite right. At least I will know next time. Thanks for the Great tip! :0)
FB Cindy Marshall

Janet's Planet said...

the projects rock, but love, love, love the tips! I too was trying to cut something 1/4 inch bigger, but the same size and sliding it.. awesome!! TFS
Janet Royer

KathyJo said...

Great tutorial, Erica! Lots of useful information here. Thanks for sharing!
FB: Kathy Jo Page Ritchie

SeriouslyHappy said...

Thanx for sharing! I haven't used my machine yet, but I get to break it in for Mother's Day and I'm going to be using the Human Body images for a med class project. I was wondering how the dial size works, this answered my question!!

FB: Nicole Chavous

Lisa said...

Great tutorial Erica! Super projects today.
FB name: Lisa Carrier

HeatherLynn said...

thanks for the tutorial! love the creations for today! can't wait for the blog hop!!

Heather Lynn Hawk Novinger on fb

missstamper said...

Very informative! Thank you.

Annie said...

Nice tutorial Erica, I will have to give it a try on the shadow Images. It was very helpful.

My Cricut Craft Room said...

I accidentally discovered it one day.... how I learn most things... from my own mistakes ;)

My Cricut Craft Room said...

All I do is learn from and share my mistakes.... Some things are so easy, once it is mentioned to you.... You think, Why didn't I think of that.... Funny story I was adding paper to my shaped books, then let them dry and use a knife to trim the paper and had tearing issues. Then a friend told me to use a pencil and trace the shape then cut the paper, THEN apply it to the book... genius! Why didn't I think of that.... Sometimes the easiest things totally slip our minds.

Carol said...

Love this blog hop idea

Clare D. said...

Thanks for the chance to win! I have the blinkie on my blog here:
cjdempsey9 at msn dot com
Happy NSD!

Melissa said...

Thanks for all the tips!
FB: Melissa Hann Slifko

Jodie R said...

So true! And thanks for the second tip! See? You are brilliant! Lol!

Becky Dunham said...

Thanks for the great post today Erica! I have had my Cricut for years and I have never even checked into the Real Size dial :) Just too lazy I guess. This is really great to know. I also love that you cut a full sheet of each part. That might be "like duh" to some people, but I never actually thought of doing that before. I will be using my Cricut in a whole new way in the future :)

Mary said...

Great projects as all ways. Erica this is such a great tutorial. TFS, Mary M