Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cricut Cake Machine Winner....

Just to let you know May is FULL of flowers.... well not around here, May is blooming with prizes.
Each day I will take the comments from the day before and pick a random winner. Then the winner will pay the $3 in postage for the prize through my webstore. I will then send you a grab bag worth $31 or more. So for 31 days there will be $31 in giveaways EACH DAY! These are GREAT grab bags, they are not junk, I would never have you pay postage and send you junk. The grab bags will each include Jolee's dimentional Stickers, at least one stamp, might be a mini, might be a full set... ya never know ;) There will also be a Cricut Cake recipe book, some twine, fibers and more in each grab bag. I have actually already packed up all of the bags, so they are ready to go out the day they are picked and paid for. I have done my best to make each grab bag with matching items. I don't want you to get a bag with random things that you have no idea what you would do with it. So... if I added twine and fibers.... they match.

So here are the rules for the 31 days of $31 giveaways.....
Each day make ONE comment with your name, facebook name and blog address....
Add my blinkie to your blog... (This should be ready tomorrow)
I will pick a name from the comments, then go and look at your blog, if you were picked for that day and have the blinkie YOU WIN!
Don't have a blog.... that's ok you can comment with your facebook..... Don't have facebook???? Just comment and say you do not have facebook or a blog. You can still win if you do not have facebook or a blog.
There will be TWO giveaways from today's comments.
One for this post and one for the Daily Design Team post.
The last contest I did each day the same person won two days in a row. Unintentional.... YES you can win more than once. It is picked at random so if someone is picked more than once, they will get more than one grab bag.

For the Cricut Cake Winner....
I went through all of the entries in April (All of the comments) April 20th had the least amount of comments. So I used random.org to pick winner from that date. The number that came up was 8, so I went down to the 8th comment found the name, then went to all of the postings in April to make sure the winner commented each day. She did and was tied with 6 others for the most comments. So I just let the system pick a winner.... I also captured the screen shot with the date and time this was picked. I have never posted the random.org pick before so I hope I did this right, I didn't know how else to show what number was picked.

And the winner is......

Jessica Apr 20, 2012 01:46 PM
Happy Friday...can't wait to see the LO challenge.
I sure hope I find some quality crafty time to do some
challenges and get some things done!
Love Janet's precious LO and that is a fabulous banner Christina! Hugs! :O)
Jessica S

Please email me and we will arrange shipping.
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