Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Design Team Announcement

Design Team Announcement

I had almost 180 applications for this design team call. It was so difficult to pick.
There are many things that factor into the right fit for the team. If you were not chosen this time, please still apply in the future, I had certain roles that I wanted to fill and these new ladies are going to fit right in.
I did not take some people that were VERY VERY talented.... I picked many beginners. I want to give them the chance to show their hard work and creativity. You will see some new faces with GREAT talent.... This new addition is like a nice spring breeze and hopefully they will fit right in with the rest of the team.

The newest member of the
2012 My Cricut Craft Room
design team are.....

Ava Jo Fernandez
Candice Fields
Cheryl barber
Claire Spielman
Deirdre Smih
Karin Adamczyk
Karen Haywood
Kathy Jo Ritchie
Lisa Carrier
Lisa Chamberlain
Mandi Holmes
Monique Mixon
Raquel Davis
Sarah Woodring
Vanessa Toro

Congratulations ladies!
I cannot wait for you to share your work with the world! 

Please email me from the email address you would like to use for all of your TEAM communications. I will then get you added to the proper facebook groups and Design Team blog.

I am so happy about the newest members...(Happy Birthday to me)
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