Monday, March 5, 2012

How would you like me to help you with your Crafting PHD?

What is your crafting PHD?
How can you get it?

In light of the lent season, Catholics give up something for the 40 days before Easter. I feel if I give up something it is only making myself a better person, so I have thought instead of just giving up something I also do something nice for someone each day. I originally thought I started doing it 3 years ago, but I realized I did this when my Aunt was living I did this. So I have been doing this for 7 years. Each day I decided to pick a person to do something nice for. It is not always pre-meditated. Last week I added some extras blades to orders, some people got a free scoring blade and housing set..... I set out free stamps..... Many things. Then Saturday night I gave away a free March scrapbook swap pack to a very nice friend. It is not always 'announced' what I do. Sometimes I do something nice and the person doesn't even know it.... that is the best thing I do. Many of you have touched my life and this is a little way for me to give back.

SO........... What does this mean for you? Well as part of my giving, I want to help you with your
Crafting Projects Half Done.
Your P.H.D

So I am catering a crafting lesson to YOU, specifically ONE person at a time. If you would like ideas, advice or anything crafting, send me a request to with the subject PHD

I will then email you back and make a Ustream (an interactive webcast) It will be all about you and what you want to know, learn or want help with. So it doesn't HAVE to be a half done project but maybe it can be some inspiration for your next project. It will be open for others to watch and maybe they can help with ideas too. I will reply to your email and find a time for your class. I will also be doing some ONE-ON-ONE Skype "classes" If there isn't anything crafty that you want to learn, maybe we can just chat and "have coffee/tea together"

It might be in the morning (not before 9:00 am though ;) Or anytime of day that is good for YOU. I am going to do this 5 days a week between now and Easter. I would LOVE to continue this 2-3 days a week all year. Just because I do a topic now doesn't mean I cant do it again. If someone asks for boy scrapbook page ideas.... how many ideas can I give for boy pages.... A TON, so I can do a 'class' more than once.
This does not have to just be Cricut stuff or paper crafting, it can be any CRAFT. If I don't know I will learn it for you, so I can help you. Ideas..... Quilling, Copic markers, glass etching, stamping tricks....etc
So if you would like to "enroll" in my Crafting PHD program please email me with the subject PHD and a specific request. The more specific you are the more specific I can be with YOUR class. It will be just for you but others can watch and you can then watch other people's classes and get some more crafting ideas. Also after your class you will get a blinkie to add to your blog that you got your Crafting PHD. You can live anywhere in the WORLD and do this.

I am SO excited about this!! I hope you are too. I look forward to 'meeting' you and making something together!

Don't forget about my
going on now. How would you like to be a part of the fun we all have, Have your projects shown to over 500 viewers a DAY, on average I have 700 people look at my blog a day, how would you like to have 700 people look at what you have made. Show off your talents, no matter how good you are or just a beginner I want you all!! If you are thinking about it.....
what have you got to lose other than a great time?
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