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Thursday December 25, 2014 with My Cricut Craft Room and Design Team- Presents

Thursday December 25, 2014 with My Cricut Craft Room and Design Team-  Presents

Merry CHristmas everyone.  I hope that you are having a wonderful holiday filled with family anad friends.  For this project I will show you how I made this infinity light for my daughter for a gift.  They are very easy and fun to make.  This is a cheaper alternative to the expensive ones you find at the mall.
Materials Needed:
15 plastic file folders
Lamp pattern

I bought 15 plastic file folders from my local dollar store and cut them in half and cut out the pockets.

I downloaded this pattern I found in this Facebook group.  Go here to find the pattern.

I cut out the pieces in Design Space. You can fit 2 pieces on one side of each folder if you size each pattern at 6.5" width.  The length will automatically size along with the height when you size in Design Space.  This will make an 11.5" diameter lamp.   I cut out 7 in one color and 8 in another.
I then went to you tube and search for infinity lights to see a video on how to piece the lamps together.  There are many videos to choose from.  I followed along with the videos and put the lamp together.  It is easy once you get the hang of it.

I found a light cord at the local dollar store to insert into the lamp.  The instructional videos show you how to insert the lamp cord.  I replaced the bulb in the cord with a cooler night light bulb to prevent the plastic for getting to hot and melting.

I put this light together in less than an hour after I figured out how to piece it together.  It is totally doable with a little patience.  And it looks so awesome lit up.  My daughter loved it!

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Go On!  Craft On!
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